Lucas was a bigger guy. He loved to eat more than anything. One day before school, he stopped by mcdonalds and had some breakfast. He had three orders of pancakes, six hash browns, and a large vanilla coffee. He was completely stuffed by the time he was done. He walked to school. After two classes, his stomach was starting to feel funny. He was farting in the hallways so nobody would know it was him. When he got to lunch, he had two pieces of pizza and a salad. Once again, he was completely stuffed. He walked to his next class. While walking down the stairs, Lucas started to feel some pressure in his stomach. When he got to class, he really knew he had to drop a load. Halfway through the 75 minute history class, Lucas was slipping farts to relieve the pressure in his stomach. But that was not enough. He had to take a dump, and he had to go now. He raised his hand and asked his teacher if he could go to the bathroom. He said yes and gave him the hall pass. Lucas struggled to maintain his bowels as he made his way to the bathroom. Halfway there, he couldn’t wait. A large turd slipped out of his fat butt and into his white briefs. He could immediately smell the poop. He waddled quickly to the bathroom. When he made it there, he went into the last stall. He struggled to undo his belt and hold in his poop. Another turd slid out of him and into his pants. Just before another one came out, he go his pants undone and pulled them down. He sat on the toilet and immediately let out another log, along with a very large fart. All that greasy breakfast was coming out of him now. Chunky, smelly diarrhea poured out of his rear end. The smell in the bathroom could make anyone lose their lunch. As he finished, he heard someone walk in. He clenched his butthole closed while they did their business. He couldn’t wait, and diarrhea exploded out of his butt. The boy in the bathroom started laughing uncontrollably. Lucas didn’t care. He was just glad he took a dump. He pours the turds out of his briefs and into the toilet. He goes to grab toilet paper, but there is none. “Damn. No tp.” says Lucas. “I’m not leaving until you come out.” says the boy in the bathroom. Lucas waits five minutes, and the boy didn’t move at all. He had no choice. Lucas got up, sticking his poop covered butt out, and walked out of the stall. Wen he walked out, the boy took a picture of Lucas with his phone and then left. Lucas didn’t care about how much he was embarrassed. He just wanted to wipe his dirty butt. He grabbed some toilet paper and wiped. He pulls up his pants and pulled the handle to flush. It wouldn’t go down. The toilet was totally clogged. The smell of his large load stunk up the bathroom more by the minute. He just washed his hands and went back to class. His entire class laughed when he walked in. He didn’t care. He was just glad he didn’t poop himself this time.

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  1. This actually happened to me, except I was the bot who walked in and I didn’t take a pic or make fun of him. He was this really fat guy in the year below. I walked into the toilet and he was standing there with his undies and trousers down trying to wash up his poop with the tap. When he saw me he bolted to the cubical and burst out crying begging me not to tell anyone. I went to his stall and said I wouldn’t and asked if he needed any help. He declined but the whole thing git me so worked up that I went to the next cubicle and jerked off.

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