Desperation Story [FURRY]

Bit of background info, Ben is a meerkat in this, around 5’5″ tall or so, sort of a filler character. Vika’s my character, a sergal which is 7’1″ in height and male. Story includes bathroom desperation and holding, and well holding in excessive amounts of waste.

This is a story with FURRY CHARACTERS, putting that again just because I’m assuming some people don’t care a ton for that.

Part 1:

Vika had been studying as usual after a day of school, taking breaks at times to spend some time with his boyfriend, though given college’s been picking up an awful lot even though it’s just the first month, he’s been needing to cut things more often to juggle his relationship, school, and free time. Bathroom breaks have been far from many because of that, though, it was a price to pay Vika has been coping mostly okay with, for now.

Midterms were around the middle of October, and from what he remembers he hasn’t taken a dump since starting school, meaning he last went on the third of September, having just 1 day shy of a month of waste brewing in his heavy bowels. The effects of him not going that long did show for sure, midsection sticking out enough to make him look as if he was pregnant, and it didn’t help that his boyfriend always would provide him with more food than he ever needed. Though he hated refusing his lovers food, knowing they made it special for him, and he didn’t want to hurt them. Not to forget Vika does for sure love well, food.

He had easily a dozen or so of thick, hard waste sitting in his large intestine, stretching and bloating that organ out a fair bit, though his hide luckily lacked like a corset. Even though that organ was quite full, the bloat didn’t show fully due to that. It probably was obvious to his lover that he’s been holding, given he maybe uses the bathroom at most every two or three days just to take a leak when showering, and that’s it.
On the topic of showers well, those waste time too. He’s been doing what he can to cut down on things and well, lately he’s only been showering once a week, sometimes putting some deodorant on to not smell quite as bad, though it really didn’t help at all by this point.

It was Sunday evening, Vika was just finishing up on some homework that’s due tomorrow, and once he shut his laptop he sighs
quietly. The smell of fresh beans, and other goods could be easily smelt in the apartment as his boyfriend and the serg did both love cooking, though with Vika being in school, Ben (Not sure a name you want for the meerkat, hopefully that’s okay) was in charge of that for awhile.(edited)
“Hey Vika? Dinners ready, by the way. Made it special just for you as I know you’ve been studying extra hard !” Ben said from the kitchen. Vika right after does head to the kitchen so he could help with grabbing some bottles of soda to set in the living room, while Ben was heading to the living room with a large pot of fresh baked beans, along with a plate of cut, freshly made bread.

Vika’s eyes roll some at the sight of the food, and well, the usual thing being that his boyfriend had a far smaller bowl compared to him. Vika helps himself to filling his own larger bowl, filling his boyfriend’s right after. “Mn. Lots of food as usual I see.” The sergal groans some, resting a paw against his midsection as it gurgled rather deep. Around the apartment Vika was nude, just because it was more comfortable that way. He starts eating slowly right after, talking here and there with his boyfriend, leaning some next to them too.
Their apartment did have a slight smell of rotten eggs in it almost constantly, from how much Vika was eating, and the fact he was letting out no poop for almost 4 weeks now too, his bowels were ripe for brewing gas, and waste. Silent farts were slipping form him probably every few minutes, with the occasional squeaky one which lead to him apologizing to his lover leaving him embarrassed.

Though regardless, he finishes his bowl of beans, and that bowl is soon refilled. A usual occurrence he’s well, been growing to try and deal with, putting loads of food in, and letting nothing out.
Vika’s eating does slow, though he had before asked his boyfriend not to pour more, which made him seem hurt before, so he didn’t want to. It probably takes him a good hour or so to finish eating that gallon container of bean chilli, and his boyfriend only had a bowl. His stomach didn’t stick out any further, though his guts were awfully gurgly, and shifty now for sure.

“Nmmh. Ben, you mind if I just slip to the bathroom quick..? I won’t take long, promise.” This wasn’t the first time he asked Ben, and he was somewhat expecting the usual answer too. Ben does reply, rubbing his own face a bit. “But Vikkaa. I don’t get to see you as much then. I’ll be sad if you do.” The meerkat pouts.

Vika finds it hard to really hurt his boyfriend, and well, his guts weren’t happy at all, though he shrugs, just leaning against his boyfriend, then. “I guess. Mn.” he pauses, bowels letting out a fairly nasty groan, followed by a rather ripe, meaty, egg like fart which squeaked a bit. “It can wait a bit longer.”

The two of them stay there on the couch sorta idly cuddling, Ben resting on Vika’s lap. Though when it does come to bedtime, Vika decides against asking again, just buckling down, climbing under those covers with his lover, which from his gas they were awfully humid, and hot underneath. Gurgles and groans could be heard throughout the night from his bloated, stretched guts.

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  1. Hello! I wanted to say, I absolutely love this story. I have come back to it many times 😉 I would love to hear more of your stories!

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