Desperation, Rain & a Broken Bicycle [True Story]

It was a rainy day, a very rainy day. It had been raining all day long, and as the evening neared, the rain started to get worse. I was bored, I had nothing to do, nowhere to go and no one to talk to. So I logged on om my PC and started browsing the internet while sipping from my first bottle of water. A first bottle of water turned into a second bottle of water, and I felt the urge to pee grow in me. It was 6.45 PM. I decided not to go to the toilet, to wait and drink another bottle of water. I finished my other bottle fast. Still determined to wait to pee, untill I could wait no longer, and I waited till 7.45 PM, untill my bladder hurt, and I almost decided to visit the toilet. However, then I looked outside and an even better idea formed in my head. Let’s go for a bicycle ride, and see how long I will last before I burst and really, really have an accident. So I took my bike, and started cycling through the city towards the woods at the edge of town.

I almost reached the woods as my bike started acting strange. It did not really go any more. I looked at my rear wheel, and saw I had a flat tire. I sighted, stepped of my bike, and decided to walk further. It was still raining, even harden then in the afternoon, and my dark blue jeans were soaked in rain. My bladder hurt like crazy. When I walked for five more minutes, I got out of the busy part of town, at the edge of the woods. I could not go any further, I could not hold in any longer. Pee started dripping out of me. I just stood there, bike in one hand, staring into the distance, at the edge of the deserted wood. Warm pee filled my rainy cold jeans, the fabric started to shine as the moisture reached the top of my jeans. I was clearly flooding them. Pee dripped from my jeans, on my shoes, soaking my socks. It felt like it took me 5 minutes to get it all out of me. In the end, my jeans were very wet, very heavy with pee and nice and warm. The warmth didn’t last for long, though.

I decided to walk back to a bicycle shed where I could park my bike and take a bus home. The walk there took me about 30 minutes, I parked my bike and had to wait for 20 minutes for the bus to arrive. I felt a familiar tickle in my bladder. I had to pee. Again! Well, I thought, it wasn’t really that strange after having all that water, that one burst of my bladder wasn’t enought. As I got into the bus, I decided that my now cold jeans could use some extra pee. I did not pee on the bus, it would ruin the seats, and I think that everyone should have their hobby, but not bother others with it in a negative way. So I waited on the bus till I got home, as I felt my bladder filling again. As I got out of the bus, I walked to the nearby park, letting little controlled bits of pee into my jeans while I walked. I felt my jeans get wetter and warm on the top, each time I peed a little. I continued walking around like that untill I decided to go home. At the edge of the park I waited. I stood still, and released everything that was still in my bladder. The familiar feeling of earlier that evening happened again, pee dripping down my legs, the warmth spreading through my cold and wet jeans, a small puddle of pee forming under my shoes, my socks becoming totally soaked. I walked home as my jeans cooled down, and dripped from being wet. It was my little secret, no one would know, everyone who saw me simply though I was wet from the rain. Only I knew better.

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  1. Lily, that sounds really hot and something I wish that I could do myself. I’m too scared to wet my clothes when I’m out in public and that’s why I wear nappies (diapers) a lot instead – I do find that nappies keep the pee hotter/warmer for longer on my little girl parts and that’s always an awesome thing! Good on you though and I can’t wait to read more of your stories. Thanks again, Lucy 🙂 xx

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