“Desperation” Dad

It was family vacation time in the Smith family.  The Memorial Day Weekend trip included a trip for Brooke, her 2 sisters, her step mom, and father, Mark going to their lake side cabin.

Brooke, a very attractive and put together female was in mid-teen years…. these family vacations were pretty dreadful, as the age she was at limited her fun… she was too old to enjoy the kid stuff and too young to be involved in the adult stuff.  However, this is one vacation Brooke will always remember as being the most fun.

Brooke, being very attractive and in shape, did not take after many of her fathers genes.  Her father was a larger man, with a beer belly, a fat behind, and big thighs.  He did not wear his clothes flattering at all.  He wore jeans that awkwardly clung to his chubby legs and fat butt and he always wore a very tight belt that his beer belly hung over.  He was extremely hairy and did not always have the best manners.  Ever since Brooke could make memories of her dad, she always remembers him being loud, teasing, burping…. stuff that she didn’t like.  However, there were a few traits about Mark that weirdly didn’t bother Brooke…. in fact, in a weird way, she really enjoyed them.

Mark often walked around the house in brief underwear… even around Brooke and her sister.  Mark, even being as large and out of shape as he was, had an extremely large package, and it always prominently bounced a little with might every time he walked around his underwear.  Mark, also being overweight and out of shape, often let out series of wet and constipated sounding farts.  Sometimes as an attention grabber, but most times he just did it out of being shameless and not caring.

Brooke remembers several incidents at the dinner table where her step mom would get mad because he would fart after eating a very large amount of food.  It wasn’t ever just a small fart though… it was a very big deep and somewhat wet sounding fart that even caught him off guard sometimes.  It was like you could almost tell the massive amount of poop sitting inside Mark begging to be let out by the muffled sound of his farts trying to get out.  There were times that Brooke swore her father must have just sat there after some of his more epic sounding farts because he knew that if he was to lift his bottom off the chair that a massive load would undoubtedly and very noticeably fill his briefs that he was wearing under his tightly belted jeans.

To Brooke, the thought of her father, who she has seen many times walking around in his tighter underwear, and has sneakily glanced looks at his very big package, always was intrigued at what the backside of his fat butt would look like in those same briefs if one of his large shit loads were to fill his briefs instead of just clogging the toilet.

Coming back to the vacation… Mark, in typical fashion, had one too many beers to drink the night before at a BBQ… this was already after snacking all day and eating at least 3 cheeseburgers, an entire bag of chips, and enough potato salad for like 5 people… oh, and of course all the desserts he ate.  Mark sent Brooke out that night to pick up a pizza on top of all this, since he was obviously too many beers in to drive.  It was while driving to the pizza shop, where Brooke took notice of just how much her father ate, and how much more he is about to eat, and knowing her father, she knows that he will just pass out in his chair, and then move along to his bed, with no trip to the bathroom in between all of this.  Usually after nights like this, Brooke knows the drill pretty well…. her father wakes up and roams around in his brief underwear and lets out several poop sounding farts…. Brooke’s step mom makes him a platter of food, consisting of eggs and bacon, and a lot of grease, to cure his hangover… he falls asleep for a half hour or so after stuffing himself, and then grabs a newspaper and heads for his man cave bathroom for 30 min which no one will dare not to go within 100 ft of when he’s done with it.  The family will hear about 5 or 6 flushes in the 30 minutes and sometimes some swearing for when the toilet clogs.  Bottom line, Mark can poop, and he can poop ALOT.

Brooke knowing all these habits, thought of an evil plan.  The cottage only had one bathroom…. and her step mom and sisters were planning on going to the market after breakfast…  if Brooke managed to sneak into the bathroom during her fathers post breakfast feast, she could lock the door and take a “very long shower”… leaving her father no where to relieve himself… other than in his own pants.

While picking up the pizza, the cashier mentioned that for 2 dollars more, Brooke could add on 8 bread sticks.  Brooke smiled in an evil way and said that would be great.  This is by far the most amount of food Brooke has ever seen her dad consume before his post-hangover morning shit.  She knew that this was gonna be one of his most epic ones ever… that won’t ever get in the toilet.

Brooke came home and saw her father passed out in his chair.  As she was opening the pizza box, she heard him let out of several elongated muffled farts.  Brooke walked over to her father with the pizza… Mark wakes up, still very intoxicated and notices the bread sticks…

“oh, you got bread sticks for me too sweetheart?  that was nice of you… bring those over!”

“of course, dad, I know you love them… have a good night!”

“good night sweetheart” Mark says as he leans over and gives Brooke a hug.  He devours the entire pizza and bread sticks and then passes out.

Brooke could hardly sleep that night thinking about how much poop must be in her dad’s body right now.  Mark being a larger guy, digests food pretty quickly.  But with being unhealthy with his diet, a lot of the food piles up inside of him, instead of being a more healthy 2 – 3x a day more frequent release.  Mark will usually only do one very large dump a day.  Today though, Brooke knew her fathers load was going to be an epic one.

Breakfast the next morning went as planned… Mark uncomfortably made his way to the breakfast bar where he loaded a plate with greasy eggs, bacon, and toast and then sat in the same chair he passed out in the night before and heftily consumed 2 large breakfast plates.  Brooke couldn’t help but smile as she saw her dad heavily load his plate up with a mountain of food, thinking about how she is going to cause him to heavily load his briefs up with a mountain of poop later in the morning.

The morning went as planned… Brooke opted out of going to the market.  Mark fell asleep again on the couch after consuming a very large breakfast.  He let out a few very muffled sounding farts that Brooke’s step mom rolled her eyes at in disgust (more so in disgust that he drank so much)… and she told Brooke, “when your father gets cleaned up, we will go out on the boat today” Brooke laughed both out loud at her step moms statement, but also laughed in her head knowing that her step mom simply just meant her father taking a shower and getting dressed by saying “clean up”…. but Brooke knew my dad was going to be doing a way messier clean up than expected when his post hangover massive dump won’t be landing cleanly in the toilet, but instead will be messily loaded up tightly in the back of his briefs.

Brooke could hardly wait for her step mom and sisters to leave…. she noted her father was farting more than usual.  She knew she didn’t have much time, but wanted to plan it perfectly.  Mark started to wake up more as his farts got more and more muffled sounding… Brooke could tell by the sound of his farts that she knew he was about to get up and go to the bathroom soon.  Like a mouse, Brooke went to the bathroom and quietly locked the door.  There was a keyhole that Brooke could see exactly what her father was doing.  She saw Mark lean up towards his chair and even heard him say “oh wow… this is gonna be a big one”… he took a few deep breaths as even he knew that if he got up too soon that he would unload all his poop into himself.  Brooke saw her dad get up and waddle over the bathroom door while letting up some painful muffled farts in route…. Mark had to go bad.

Like clockwork, Brooke turned on the shower the second she saw her dad try to go to the handle.  Marks expression instantly went ghost like.  “Hey, who’s in here???”  Brooke replies back “Dad, it’s me, I’m taking a shower… it’s gonna be awhile… I didn’t want to use all the hot water while my sisters were here”…. She can see her fathers face grimacing and his hips slightly going up and down, as in a distraction way for him to try and hold in his huge load that desperately is ready to come out.  Mark who was crabby from being hungover, and understandably crabby from having to shit so bad, yells back at Brooke, who he thinks is in the shower “Brooke, can you please hurry up, I have to take a huge dump”… Brooke holds back her laughter a bit and says “Dad, can’t you wait?? I want to be able to shower in a bathroom that I won’t need a mask on to use”  She sees her dad through the keyhole even lets out a little smile, but it quickly turns to a face of worry as an uncomfortable quick fart squeezes fast out of his butt checks.  Brooke has never seen anyone have to use the bathroom so bad… it was exhilarating to her to know that she was the reason her father had to stand there desperately and hold in the mountain of poop that she helped contribute to.

She started to notice that her father looked a little red in the face… and his expression started to change.  He started to get angry.  A very forceful and muffled series of farts came out of him and Mark then almost instinctively cupped his hand over his butt, pushing up towards his butt hole where more muffled farts were trying to squeeze there way out… as well as a huge mountain of poop.

Mark breathes heavily a few times and then yells in the bathroom “Brooke! you’re about to have to clean the poop out of my underwear in 2 seconds”

Marks colon rumbles and he can no longer hold the contents of his binge eat and drink from the last 24 hrs in.  Brooke sees her father grimace again and then notices that her fathers hand that was firmly pressed up against his butt to hold his poop in was moving the opposite direction.  A bunch of soft crackles and a few more farts accompanied a large sphere shape bulge that was growing and pushing Marks hand away carelessly.  Soon Marks hand went a little more limp and his load started to drag down more and was exceeding the size of what his palm was holding it.  Mark lightly grabbed the load and moved his underwear down a little as if to make room for more.  Mark yelled “God dammit Brooke, I’m shitting my pants right now because of you”

The load in her fathers underwear was already huge.  It looked like a smashed up grapefruit.  To Brooke’s surprise, Mark wasn’t done.  Instead of holding in the rest of his load, she saw her father actually move around the load and purposely continue to poop more into his already heavily filled briefs.  Brooke watched in amazement the briefs continued to protrude out more with the sound of crackles filling out every inch of the bottom of Marks loaded briefs.  Brooke actually started to worry about if her father’s load was so big that it would fill over his pants, which she did not want to see.  In miracle timing, the poop ended…just when Mark’s green briefs were so loaded that you could see a peak of the massive load on each side view of Marks body, since the thick heavy load just piled up on top of itself, but in a nice very huge pile that sat admiringly in Mark’s briefs.

Brooke could see that her father was amazed, but also very angry.  Brooke turned off the shower and opened the door.  Her father stood facing her, with his arms crossed… his loaded briefs behind him.

“It’s all yours dad!” Brooke jokingly says… Mark does not look humored.

“Brooke.”  He pushes her back into the bathroom and tells her to take a seat in the chair in the bathroom… she can already see side glimpses of her fathers massive shit loaded briefs.

“When I say I need to go to the bathroom, I need to go now”

He gets very close to Brooke.

“You are gonna sit in this chair for 12 minutes, the time it took from me telling you needed to go the bathroom and you opening the bathroom for me”

Brooke rolls her eyes at her childish timeout punishment, but goes along with it.

“oh, don’t roll your eyes young lady, cuz for 12 minutes, this is all you are going to be staring at.”

Mark turns around to reveal to Brooke the disastrous loaded poop mess that was weighing down in his underwear.

Brooke’s eyes widened, even upon her father not knowing she actually saw him in the act pooping his underwear, she was still in awe of the actual size of the load and how it sat so nicely in his briefs.

Mark then backed up and made Brooke sit with her face only a few inches away from his filled briefs while he lectured her about having to be more courteous with her bathroom use time.  It all sounded like nothing though as all Brooke could fixate on was her the amazement of her fathers loaded briefs, knowing her actions caused this.

After 12 minutes, Mark told Brooke to get him a plastic bag and then leave.  As a final punishment, once Mark was all cleaned up and showered, he handed Brooke the tied up plastic bag containing his soiled and poop filled briefs and told her to put them in the outside garbage.

Brooke sighed and grabbed the bag and then said back to her father, “so should I put this in the neighbors garbage?”

Mark couldn’t resist and cracked a smile and laugh… “go along now, Brooke… we’ll keep this our little secret.

Brooke smiled as she carried the heavy bag to the garbage.

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