Desperation and Messy Sex

“Today feels like a diaper day,” Cyrus types. He sends the text message to his girlfriend Blair.

Blair–petite, blond and pale–blushes when she reads the message. She’s sitting at her desk in the middle of the police precinct. Her partner Hank is just a few feet away sitting at his desk across from hers. She smiles though and immediately starts typing a reply. “Little Cy isn’t grown up enough to control himself today?”

The screen of Cyrus’s phone lights up when he receives the reply. He looks around nervously before checking the message. He’s sitting in one of a sea of cubicles. It’s the main floor of a news office where Cyrus is a journalist.
“Would you be very mad if I said I feel safer swaddled in diaper cloth?” he replies.

Cyrus has never had problems with incontinence. His reply is just part of the game he and Blair play sometimes.

When Blair reads the response, she feels arousal touch her genitals. The idea of Cyrus having an accident pleases her. No time to dwell on the visual though. Her police radio crackles to life and she and Hank are summoned away to duty. Blair grumbles inwardly at the timing of this call. Her shift was almost over and she could have been on her way home to play with Cyrus. Now she has to see the incident through.

Meanwhile, Cyrus’s shift is over. He shuts down his computer, downs the dregs of a large Arizona tea that was sitting on his desk and proceeds to the elevators along with the rest of the sheeple. As he walks, he registers just how desperate he is to piss. On a normal day he’d make a detour to the men’s room before heading home, but today the desperation fills him with a shameful joy.

As he rides down in the crowded elevator, he fights the desire to shift in place and to hold himself. During the ten minute walk to his and Blair’s house, Cyrus feels himself become more and more aroused in anticipation for what he’s going to do.

Cyrus’s pocket vibrates when he receives a new message from Blair. “Duty calls 🙁 Be home as soon as I can. Be good!”

Cyrus is disappointed. He steps in the empty house and looks around wondering what he should do while he waits. His bladder knows what it wants though. Cyrus is hit by a strong wave of desperation that makes him groan quietly as it tests the limits of his will. At the very crest of the wave, a few droplets of piss escape and spurt into Cyrus’s underpants.

“Shit,” he says, quickly reaching down to press his hands into his crotch. He’s fully erect and aroused now thanks to this little loss of control.

He moves away from his front door and marches directly into the bedroom where they keep the diapers. He strips his clothes, trying as hard as he can not to piss himself, and quickly wraps himself in a pristine diaper. He leaks only once before he’s fully diapered.

Cyrus climbs into the bed wearing nothing but the diaper and relaxes back into the numerous pillows. With relish, he starts relieving himself. He groans at the pleasure. Since he’s erect, the yellow spot appears on the outside of the diaper near the waist band. The area of yellow grows quickly and soon Cyrus is sitting in a film of hot piss. It’s a big piss, too, and Cyrus makes no effort to control himself, so the diaper starts leaking and Cyrus can feel moisture on the inside of his thighs.

Blair meanwhile is busy marking the limits of an accident scene with police tape when her phone buzzes announcing a new message from Cyrus. She looks around. Hank is several yards away taking statements.

“I wasn’t able to wait,” the message says. “I put on my big boy diaper and made a pee pee in it.”

The burst of arousal that hits Blair when she reads the message is so intense that it’s almost unpleasant.

“Bad boy,” she replies. “You know there will be consquences when I get home.”

Cyrus figures Blair will be home in about an hour. He can’t wait that long to get himself off, so he slides his hand into his wet diaper and jerks off quickly until he cums on himself a few minutes later.

Once his orgasm has passed, Cyrus throws himself out of bed and goes about doing normal workday evening things. He picks up the clothes he tossed on the floor and places them in the laundry hamper. Then, still wearing nothing but his wet diaper, he goes into the kitchen and starts making dinner.

Soon a familiar tingling in his lower back makes him realize that he needs to poop. He’s delighted. He picks up his phone and sends a new message to Blair: “Uh oh. I gotta make a poopie.”

When the message buzzes on Blairs phone, the second shift cops have just arrived on the scene and she and Hank are debriefing them. Blair really wants to check the message, but she waits until she Hank are finished and driving back to the precinct.

“Just pulling up to the precinct now. Be home soon. Behave yourself!” She dashes off this message as Hank pulls into the parking lot.

Cyrus meanwhile, is still in the process of making dinner. As he does so, he relaxes his anus, trying to get himself to shit his pants without pushing. Eventually he loses his patience and gives a big push. A soft, fat turd oozes out of him and balls up in the back of his diaper. Cyrus feels himself start to get aroused again. He gives another push and a smaller turd slides out of him and presses itself into the mess already piled in his diaper.

In the locker room, Blair pulls off her police uniform. The crotch of her panties is moist with arousal. She pulls on her civilian clothes: a pink and purple short-sleeve blouse and a matching mid-thigh-length skirt.

Cyrus reaches into his soiled diaper and strokes his cock a few times. Then he pulls out his hand and reaches around to press into the back of his diaper, smearing his mess into himself. He hears Blair pull up in the driveway. He pretends he didn’t so that when she walks into the house he can be facing away from her and she’ll see the mess he made.

Blair doesn’t say anything when she sees what he’s done. She closes the spaces between them with half a dozen purposeful steps and pulls Cyrus into an embrace. As they make out, Blair squeezes Cyrus’s ass and then starts toying with his diaper and the mess it contains. First, Cyrus does the same, squeezing Blair’s ass through her skirt, but then he decides he’d rather squeeze her tits, however small they might be. He brings his hand up to fulfill this desire, but the nice bra she’s wearing makes the experience lacklustre. So, he reaches down and pulls Blair’s blouse over her head. They lips break just long enough for the shirt to pass. Then Cyrus unclips Blair’s bra with expert hands. He tosses the bra aside and dives back in for a good squeeze of one of Blair small soft breasts. Blair moans quietly. Cyrus is fully hard inside his diaper. Blair breaks the embrace.

The two of them look at each other for moment, breathing heavily. “Get on the floor,” Blair orders. She doesn’t raise her voice because she knows Cyrus will obey. Once Cyrus is prone, Blair stand over him with one foot on either side of his waist. She hikes up her skirt, revealing her blue panties. She presses her fingers into her clitoris a few times through the fabric. Then she surprises Cyrus by loosing the contents of her bladder all over him. The piss hisses as it comes out of her and squirts in every direction as it navigates the material of her panties. She moans quietly at the relief.

Once she’s finished, she lowers herself over Cyrus. Not yet removing her panties, she presses the swollen folds of her vagina into the front of his soiled diaper. Then she sits back and tears the diaper open. She pulls it out from under Cyrus with one yank and tosses it aside. Still not removing the panties, she presses her genitals into Cyrus’s erection. He groans at the contact and restrains himself from tearing those panties off Blair once and for all. As if she were reading his mind, Blair finally removes the panties. Then she reaches back and guides Cyrus into her vagina, wet and ready.

Once Cyrus is fully sheathed inside her, Blair starts moving against him, fucking him slowly but thirstily. Cyrus lets her do this for a moment and then reaches up to grab her and turns her over so they’ve switched positions. He pushes his cock back inside her and fucks her hard and fast until she’s moaning his name.

“Oh! Cy! Fuck me Cy! Oh! Don’t stop!”

After several minutes of this, Blair makes her move to get back the upper hand. She wriggles out of Cyrus’s grasp and turns over onto her stomach. She gets up on her hands and knees and hurries to crawl out of his reach when he pounces on her again. Before she can think of what to do next, he’s already pushing his cock back inside her and fucking her doggy style. Blair finds this pleasurable enough to stop struggling. In fact she becomes rather still.

Cyrus moans when he sees that Blairs anus is relaxing and opening in anticipation of the dump she’s about to take. Cyrus slows down as he fucks her watches her anus with rapt attention. Soon a dark turd almost an inch thick is crowning. Even as Cyrus fucks her, Blair shits herself. The thick turd slides out of her slowly but surely.

Cyrus can’t handle it. He lets out a shout and starts cumming inside Blair’s pussy with broad instinctual thrusts.

Once Cyrus’s orgasm has passed and Blair’s turd has landed with a soft splat into the floor, Blair turns over to lie on her back. Cyrus slides two strong finger’s into Blair’s sopping-wet pussy and finger fucks her while rubs her clitoris vigorously. They do this for several minutes. Just when Blair starts to cum, Cyrus pulls his fingers out and Blair squirts her orgasm all over him.

The two of them smile at each other happily as the details of the mess around them start to come back into focus. They stand up and share a gentle kiss. Then:

“Clean this up,” Blair orders in that quiet way of hers, and then heads towards the shower without a glance back.

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