Desperation Accident

So I am on my way home from work and desperate to pee. As soon as I spread my legs to get out of the car I let out a big squirt but it doesn’t show on my jeans yet. I am walking to the door having a slow leak. Feels like a knife trying to get out my dick. I get to the door and get arrogant because I think I am going to make it with just damp briefs. As soon as I walk in the door…hisssssssssssssssssssss. Huge puddle on the floor and jeans soaked.

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  1. I wet the bed after drinking at the bar hate it but I am the only one in bed so it really doesn’t matter most mornings I wake up hard and masturbate to completion all over my underpants.

  2. I guess "just damp briefs" never stay just damp! Usually the socks (or more often than not one of them) gets it too!

  3. Sometimes I’ve bypassed the toilet when leaving work so that I could have some fun at home, and more than once I’ve cut the margin of error a bit too thin!

  4. I used to work shifts. From two in the morning I used to hold it. I could usually get half way home before I had, or chose to let go. All the time I lived at home I had to very cautious about being wet, and messy was not an option. In my own place I was able to live out all my fantasy dreams whenever it suited, which was often.

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