Desperate with Wife

As I mentioned in the “Wife Desperate to Shit” story, my girl Hana loves taking huge firm shits. We still had some of the constipation causing meds left from that story and she decided she wanted to use them to produce another enormous dump. The thing was that she wanted me to take the meds too so that she could see me do one.

It had been about 6 days since either of us had shit, we were out enjoying pizza at a local restaurant the evening that the meds finally wore off. I had been feeling heavy and full in the rectum, but now aches and urges were coming on that told me the massive log would be moving soon. Hana had left a few slices of her pizza which was unusual and was looking quite troubled.

“You OK babe?”, I asked, already knowing what the answer was likely to be. “I’m feeling quite uncomfortable Joe”, she replied, looking quite worried. “I think we need to go home right now!”, she continued, “please let’s just pay and go”.

While trying to get the attention of the waiter I could feel the pressure building as what felt like a disgustingly thick knobbly turd tried to open me up. I got myself under control as the waiter came over, and started to go through the motions of paying, Hana couldn’t even look at the guy, she just sat trying not to squirm too much but even so her you could see from her face that she was in what looked like quite some pain. Eventually the waiter left and we could go.

“Come on babe, let’s get home”, I said as I stood up.

“Not yet Joe, just sit down please”, she said, still shaking, “I can’t stand up yet”. She looked quite worried. “How long has it been since I shit?”, she asked.

“Well it’s been about 6 days for me, maybe a bit longer for you?”, I said as I sat next to her. I slid my hand down her back into her underwear to find that her anus was stretched wide open. I could feel an enormous, knobbly, hard shit trying to come out. I was reminded of my own discomfort as my stomach cramped. “Come on babe we need to go”, I said. She squeezed herself closed and gingerly stood up.

The walk home should only be about five minutes but we could not move very fast. I was having to clench tight the whole time, feeling as though a solid battering ram of shit was trying to emerge. I was constantly aware that Hana was probably feeling even worse. I was thankful that it was quite dark and there was nobody around.

Suddenly Hana tore her skirt and underwear down and bent double, I saw her anus open wide and about half an inch of thick dry shit some four inches across hold it open. “I can’t hold it!”, she cried, “I need it out now!”, she whimpered as she strained to push the log out right here in the street but nothing more was emerging. I saw in the distance that some people were coming towards us. “Hana, look, there’s someone coming!”, I said as I straightened her up and she scrambled to pull up her clothes. I held her so we just looked like a couple embracing in the street until the people passed us. She was sweating and shaking in my arms, with my hand I was able to feel that she had not been capable of closing her asshole and so the shit was still poking out. I felt my own anus begin to sting as it opened but was able to control myself.

I was so relieved when we reached home, now finally I could let go. Hana removed her skirt and underwear completely and turned to face away from me. I parted her butt cheeks to see that amazingly the turd was still poking out. “It’s been sticking out all this time?”, I asked, “Yeah, I can’t get it back in or out”, she panted.

I reached down in front of her to find her pussy was soaking wet and began to play with it, she moaned as I did so but soon I was faced with an urgent situation of my own to attend to as a stomach cramp turned into an excruciating urge to go. “Hana I need to go now!”, I exclaimed as I removed my pants, I went to remove my underwear too but she stopped me. “No, keep these on”, she purred. I felt my anus open painfully wide, stinging so bad as the tip of the turd emerged. I grunted in pain as I pushed the excruciating log slowly out into my boxers, it was poking out of the leg hole before it had finished leaving me. Eventually it fell onto the floor.

“Your turn”, I said, sitting down and pulling her into my lap. She grunted and pushed, “I can’t, it wont move!”, she cried. I stared playing with her pussy again, she moaned with pleasure as well as with the pain in her anus. Suddenly she shook as an powerful urge overtook her, I felt with my other hand the four inch wide shit surge slightly forward. “You can do it babe”, I whispered. She gritted her teeth and squirmed as she pushed, her eyes streaming with water. “I cant…have we got any lube, I need help!”.

I led her to the bedroom and she got on all fours on the bed, the giant shit still sticking out of her. I lubed up a finger and she cried out as I pushed it into her and started to spread the lube around as best I could. Another inch or so came slowly and painfully out as she pushed. I reapplied lube to my finger then broke off the turd and slid my finger inside her, moving it around inside her rectum although it was a tight fit. This was clearly turning Hana on as her pussy dripped liquid onto the sheets. I thought of fucking her pussy right there and then but soon had a better idea.

I covered my rock hard cock in plenty lube then eased it into her anus. “What…what…are you doing!”, she gasped. I told her to trust me and kept thrusting into her asshole while she played with her pussy. Suddenly she screamed out as she started to come, I figured that her rectum should be good and lubed up now and that this would be the best time to let her release its contents so I pulled out and watched as the four inch diameter log slid out slowly while she came. A fountain of juice sprayed out of her pussy as inch after inch of the log forced its way out. I could only imagine how she must have felt.

Eventually she was done and collapsed forward onto the bed. I was so horny that I had to have her right now. I picked her quivering, sweating body up in my arms and carried her towards the shower. I was going to enjoy this.

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