Desperate Snooze

I drank the last beer out of the fridge, shut off my TV and went to bed. It was 4:00 AM so I wasn’t to concerned about the bathroom. I fell asleep feeling a slight not urgent twinge in my bladder.


About three hours later, I was woken by my house mate going to work. I groaned and turned over in bed. Not realising I had to pee. I spurt soaked between my legs. I was still have asleep so I bearly took notice. So, I went back to sleep.

 Five hours later, it was 12:00. So, I started to get up. Sitting up sent the pain of my bladder through me and a jet of pee onto the sheets. I was begining to wet the bed!! I couldn’t afford to do this because my house mate would be home anytime now for lunch. On a day that she was out of town, I would stay in bed and just let it flow, but today I couldn’t. Climbed out of bed and searched for my jeans in the mess because my boyfriend had been over last night around 9:00 PM and we had had some “fun”. Spurting down my leg I looked around franically. Finally finding them in the mess, I ran up stairs to the bathroom.

By now, the spurts were becoming a persistant small stream. Realising that there was no hiding the accident now, I burst into the bathroom, and climbed into the tub. The pee gushed out of me for about a good minute or so. My jeans were soaked everywhere! I peeled them off, and fingered myself from the hot experience. Thats when I heard the door open.




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  1. Nice story, sounds like you were sleeping really good. I never would have gotten back to sleep after the first time waking up.

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