Desperate Snooze Pt. 2

Hey guys, I was writing a story called, “Desperate Snooze”. So, as promised, heres part 2!


Where we last left off…


By now, the spurts were becoming a persistant small stream. Realising that there was no hiding the accident now, I burst into the bathroom, and climbed into the tub. The pee gushed out of me for about a good minute or so. My jeans were soaked everywhere! I peeled them off, and fingered myself from the hot experience. Thats when I heard the door open.


My head was reeling! My house mate wasn’t due home for anouther hour or so… and that’s then it hit me. My boyfriend said he would be coming over about 11:00! Not knowing how he would think when he found me like this, I threw my jeans into the shower, and ran into the laundry room that was just in the next room and put on a dirty pair of work out shorts. My boyfriend climbed the last stair to the stair case as I walked out of the laundry room. He walked over and took my waist and kissed me hello.

 “Why do I smell piss…?” He asked, his head turning towards the bathroom. I was scared now, my heart was pounding. He let go and walked into the bathroom. Looking around. Everytime he stepped closer to the shower, I swear my heart stopped. How would I distract him!? That’s when what I feared happened. He flung open the shower curtain and picked up my piss soaked jeans abandoned from the bottum of the shower. I began to cry. I was so ashamed!

“I’m sorry baby… after you left, I got drunk and went to bed not going to the bathroom…. then I woke up and… well that happened.” I said mumbling between tears. He came over and hugged me. I couldn’t notice a boner in his pants when we pressed together, maybe he was turned on from the accident? Or was it my helplessness?

 “It’s okay sweetheart, accidents happen. No worries.” He whispered and kissed my forehead.





This was a 100% true story. If you want me to continue, give me suggestions and I’ll make anouther copy, except fictional. This was my first story on here so sorry if it wasn’t descriptive enough! Thanks for reading! 🙂 

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  1. Hi Taylor, i’m a guy from belgium…wow!!! love your story! i have a siggestion: why not doing a huge firm poop in fullcut panties with your tight jeans on but no pee this time? it would be nice! big kisses, bye 😉

  2. Hi there, that was nice. Have a read of my story and tell me what you think. I’ll be uploading another soon. Have a lovely day.

  3. Great story. Sounds like your accident turned him on to me. But I could be wrong, great story regardless.

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