I had a crush on my fifth grade teacher and I wanted her to change my pants. I thought it would be fun to load my pants in class and go to her desk and show her what happened in hopes she would give in and change me. It took me several weeks to get the nerve to do it but on the day I chose one of my friends had been daring me all day to do it. During the school year there was several times when someone would have a genuine accident in their pants…mostly wetting themselves in their seat. The day I chose to do #2 my stomach was a little gurgly. Eeew I said to myself was I going to do diarrhea ? I really didn’t want to do wet shit. Right after lunch recess I could really feel the food from lunch pushing on my mess and it was going to be soon. My friend sat across from me and down one seat. I gave him the eye that it would be soon and he looked back at me and snickered. I stood up in my seat and I could feel it start to come out so I pulled it back in and that didn’t really work and some small turd squeezed out and fell into the seat part of my underpants. THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS HOLDING THIS BACK ANYMORE. It was definitely desperation and deliberate together. It started to come out and very fast. It still was a log shape and not dry but some wetness to it and it went down into my seat part of my underpants quickly. There was a bulge too as I could feel the pants tenting out. This happened all so quickly and the girl who sat in front of me smelled it and raised her hand to alert the teacher. She blurted out that I had just shit my pants. My friend had told her to do that when I wasn’t around so he sort of planned to rat me out to the teacher. As soon as she blurted it out I began to wet myself. I couldn’t stay in class anymore….soaking wet pants and poop. I didn’t get changed by my teacher but got tons of attention from my classmates even after days passed. The negative attention forced me to want to do it again in my pants. Maybe this time I would get my pants changed.

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  1. I often did it on the way home from school, a two block walk through a lot with tall weeds and an alley, but never had the courage to do it in class. In forth grade, I had to go so bad, I pulled my butt down into my seat to keep from doing it, but it backed off.

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