desperate officer pt. 1

Today I was sitting in Qdoba having dinner with a friend when a group of young, good looking, university police officers came walking in to order food. The three men got their food and sat down not too far from me. I kept stealing quick glances at them as they were quite easy on the eyes. While I wasn’t looking, one the officers jumped up and walked rather quickly to the hallway behind the soda counter where the bathrooms were. He returned only seconds after turning the corner with a somewhat embarrassed look on his face. He looked so sexy, his big muscles bulged through his yellow shirt and his navy blue uniform pants showed a slight outline of his cock. The single occupant men’s room must have been occupied, and he must not have wanted to awkwardly wait outside the bathroom. Immediately my interest in this particular officer picked up. What before had just been quick occasional glances were now more often and longer. I watched as the officer returned to his table trying to play off the fact that he hadn’t been able to actually go to bathroom as casually as possible. I continued to watch as he became increasingly desperate.. he began bouncing his leg faster and faster, and I caught him grabbing himself a couple of times. He now had a subtle distracted and concerned look on his face, like the only thing he could think about was getting up to go the bathroom. I was ready for the now fairly desperate looking officer to jump up once again in the hopes of getting to relieve himself in the single toilet. I wanted to have some fun, so as soon as I saw the officer move to get up to try to go to the bathroom again, I got up quickly as well and got to the bathroom before him, but to my surprise and rejoice, an older gentleman had gotten to and entered the bathroom before either of us. Now this was going to be even more fun getting to wait outside and watch the desperate officer. The old man in the bathroom was taking quite a long time, and the officer waiting outside the bathroom with me was growing even more desperate by the second. He could not stop bouncing his leg and even though I was staring at him rather obviously, he kept grabbing himself, holding on a little longer and tighter each time. All the grabbing and squeezing he was doing must have simultaneously been somewhat arousing for him. Now, as he stood there bouncing up and down looking very desperste, his big, piss filled cock was straining against his uniform pants begging to be let out to relieve itself. He continued to hold himself, and his cock grew and strained even harder against the fabric. Mine already had been since beginning watching him. Finally, we heard the old man running the hand drier signaling he’d be out soon. As the door opened and the old man exited, I held the door and just as I was about to enter, I glanced at the officer and he gave me the most longing and desperate look. I decided my fun wasn’t over, I pretended I didn’t realize his situation and went in anyway. As I was closing the door behind me, I watched as he lurched forward and quickly doubled over while squeezing his rock hard cock tight as ever as he muttered “fuck!” Once in the bathroom, I realized that I did in fact have to go myself. My own cock was so aroused from watching the officer that it took me a moment to begin going. I forgot about the sexy, hard, officer bouncing up and down outside of the door for a moment until there was a knock at the door. I answered with a casual “someone’s in here” The officer responded quickly with a pained and desperate sounding “try to hurry please…. I really need to go” I didn’t respond to his plea. Instead I stood around the bathroom, opting to torture the officer outside, just waiting for him to knock again. Sure enough, after another couple of minutes the officer knocked on the door, this time a much harder and before I could respond he pleaded rather loudly “please man, please hurry up, I’m really about to piss my fucking pants… I have to go so god damn bad… ughh.. just please.. hurry!” The desperation in his voice almost sent me over you edge. The officer managed to make me hard once again… I almost wasn’t ready for the fun to be over. I told the officer I would be out in just a minute….

But I would I be?

to be continued…

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  1. This is a good story, but I’m with bvdman. It would be much better if he had to take a shit real bad and the restroom layout was different like stall doors with large cracks so you could see in or better yet no door on the stalls which would make things even more interesting and the desperate dumper more visible to would be on lookers.

    As a cop, he has probably seen a lot of people ( suspects) desperate to use the bathroom and had to come in there with them for security reasons to watch them use the bathroom so this a a great karma story. as the desperate cop was on the other side of things.

    One memorable time I was very desperate to take a major dump because I had not taken on in 3 days. I was riding in a shuttle bus with maybe 10 other people on a long drive with not a lot of bathroom break options except. I was right behind the driver and had to ask him for quite a while to get him to stop, I just told him I really needed to use the bathroom and didn’t say what I had to do, but I’m sure my prepoop farts were telling him. He did stop at a rest stop. I rushed in to find a small semi crowded bathroom, couple sinks, couple urinals and then a door less stall that it’s partition did not even come out as far as the front of the toilet, but being desperate, I didn’t care so I dropped my pants and underwear and sat down almost right away I leaned forward a bit ( to make it easier because it was a big long hard one ) and started to push out a monster log. About a second later I looked over to the area about 6 feet from my left at the closest sink was the driver washing his hands and watching me intently never looking away while the other few guys who were in there didn’t seem to notice me much. I just looked back at him. I was feeling a bit embarrassed and also turned on. I did look away for a second or two when I was pushing out the second big log. When I looked back at him, he was still watching me and didn’t stop until I was nearly done wiping. He left before me and was in the driver seat when I got back. I thanked him for stopping so he nodded and smiled a bit. I wasn’t upset at all. It was an adventure.

  2. My ultimate fantasy is to see a handsome cop in his tight uniform pants pissing his pants in desperation. I got hard as a rock just reading this story. I pissed my pants and then jacked off my hard COCK!

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