Desperate Daddy

Bad Belly

Mark knew he would make it home on time if traffic kept moving this slowly in front of him. He’d taken his 3 year old daughter out to breakfast on the last day before mommy came home from her trip. Mark didn’t mind taking care of his little angle infact he usually enjoyed it but living on a diet of kid food and stress usually upset his already sensitive gut. Marks stomach released a loud grumble and he farted wettly, luckily his daughter was focused on whatever cartoon she was watching in the backseat. Traffic still wasn’t moving he has the humiliating thought that he was about to crap himself with his daughter in the backseat. Minutes passed but they seemed like hours to Mark, he was sweating and bloated and was afraid to release more gas for fear of sharting in his pants. 5 minutes later Mark couldn’t hold it anymore. He looked back once at his daughter then turned the fan and the air conditioning to its loudest setting. He raised his ass from the seat, he didn’t have to push very hard a soft torrent of shit was beginning to fill his boxers, his belly gurgled more and shit slithered into his underwear and into his large sized jeans. He felt such relief his dick was beginning to tighten along his waistband. Shit! Mark stopped abruptly and looked back at his daughter, she hadn’t noticed. The smell of the car resembled rotten eggs. Traffic started moving again and Mark drove home just in time to make it to the toilet for round two.

To be continued…

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