Desperate awakening

I didn’t poop for two days and went to sleep with heavy bowels. I am wearing my black thongs, gf like how my butt looks in them.
Great urge to shit wakes me up. There is something in my ass too. When I take it out I found that that was nozzle of empty MicroLax. Oh my god, I have to run for the toilet.
My gf sitting on the toilet looking at me desperately holding my bum
– Oh I see my surprise already working on you, that’s great! Oh, you need to use a toilet? Too bad I’m in horny mood and looking at you struggling to hold that massive load is only make my pussy wet.
I’m clutching my asshole, farting. Farts get wetter with every newt fart and I got to the point that my buttcheeks are covered in shit and laxative ooze.
My gf start masturbate seeing this.
I can’t hold any longer. First laxative wet farts came out of me, than two semi-wet logs came out my anus, covering my thongs in shit. I stated to pee my thongs too.
I stand in puddle of piss and shit in shitty wet thongs. Seeing this I became horny too.
– It’s time to care about you too
My gf masturbating on toilet, get my penis out of wet thongs and making me blowjob.
We came hard.
– Now, clean the mess you made

My first fictional story, hope you like it.

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  1. Thanks for your comentd and feed back. I think what you said is true you have to get into their heads. It’s a tough topic to bring up. Women seem to be very sweetish about it. It’s a taboo but if you can get them to do it it’s best done naturally. Some have never even tried it. It’s obviously a very personal thing. I’m happy to return the favor if they pee and shit on me.

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