Desperate at work

Sadie was sat, somewhat uncomfortably, at her desk in the staff area of the adult shop which she ran. She had owned the place for around 5 years now, selling adult magazines and toys to those looking to spice up their sex life. The reason for her discomfort was that she had needed a shit since she arrived at the shop this morning but never liked to go number two at work, always preferring to wait until she was back in the privacy of her home.

It hadn’t been too bad in the morning so Sadie had eaten quite a big lunch without thinking too much about it, but as the afternoon wore on the urges to go were getting stronger and much harder to deal with. She looked at her watch, only about 15 minutes until the shop would close and she could leave. Thankfully she wouldn’t have to serve anyone as her shop assistant Alison was on the shop floor handling that.

Her stomach started to cramp so bad that she had to stand and lean against her desk, her legs quivered as the pressure in her rectum became almost unbearable. There was no way she would be able to drive home like this.

She though that maybe she should just go to the office toilet right now, a single cubicle down the stairs and across the shop floor, but what if Alison saw her like this? She imagined what would happen if Alison saw her squirming and hobbling along, it would be so embarrassing. No, she would wait, in just a few minutes Alison would be going home.

Eventually Sadie heard the sound of the shop door being closed which meant Alison was going. “Good”, Sadie said to herself, “now to get to the toilet”. As she headed for her office door an urge to shit came on so strong she could only stand there, leaning against the wall trying to fight it. It crossed her mind that maybe she should just shit herself and deal with the mess afterwards, but eventually after much clenching and shaking Sadie got herself under control.

As she started walking again she was horrified to feel a damp stickiness in her underwear. Not much, but with that last agonising urge she had started to shit herself. For all she knew when the next urge came on she might not be able to stop it at all. What if she didn’t make it to the toilet?, she thought. Looking around the room while she composed herself, Sadie noticed the boxes on incoming stock for the shop. Maybe there was something here that could help.

The first box she checked had dirty magazines, no help, the second some dildos, no better, the third however had butt plugs. Not just any plugs either but ones connected to a small hand pump so they could be inflated to the users liking. “That’s it”, she thought, “I can plug myself and them make it to the toilet”

She took her underwear off, leaving it on the floor and slowly inserted the plug. Just doing that caused her body to attempt to empty her rectum with force but she pumped up the plug to a size that would not be pushed out and started for the door. Every step down the corridor was agony but she would soon make it. As she approached the top of the stairs she heard, to her horror, someone coming up them. She froze.

“Alison!”, she whimpered.

“uhh, hi Sadie, I was just coming to…are you OK?”, the assistant replied.

“yeah, I’m fine, it’s just…”, Sadie started, until an urge to shit came on so strong she had to clutch her stomach and almost bend double.

Alison noticed the hand pump hanging between Sadie’s legs. She reached for it and with the other hand lifted Sadie’s skirt.

“Alison!…I was just testing the new toys”, Sadie blurted before moaning with the pressure in her rectum.

Watching her bosses anus twitch and throb it was pretty clear to Alison what was going on. “Of course”, the assistant said, “you don’t like taking a shit at work, do you Sadie?”

“It’s, it’s not that!”, Sadie pleaded, “I was just…”

“Just testing this plug, right?”, Alison cut her off, “So you wont mind if I let the air out then?”

“DON’T!”, Sadie pleaded.

“You weren’t just testing it were you?”

“No”, came the whimpered reply.

“You must need to go real bad”


Alison watched as her bosses anus continued to try to expel the plug and everything behind it, Sadie herself grunting and squirming. “What do you think I should do now”, Alison purred.

“You should let go of that and help me to the toilet”

Alison squeezed the pump, making the plug even bigger, “wrong answer!”

Sadie winced as the pressure in her rectum increased, “I am your boss…stop it and give me that!”

The pump was squeezed again, “still the wrong answer, what should I do now?”.

The urge to shit was unbearable. Sadie turned to face wall and leaned on it with both her hands. “You should…let the air out!”

Alison pressed the release valve.

The plug immediately slid out and Sadie was helpless to do anything as a slimy brown log started to slowly emerge right after it. Alison watched in amazement as the column of shit just kept coming, it may not have been rock hard but it was still wide enough that it must be painful.

“I don’t know why you didn’t just go earlier!”, Alison said, “you clearly must have been bursting”, as an unreasonably long turd snaked it’s way out of her boss.

“I was”, Sadie whimpered, “oh Alison it feels so good now it’s all coming out!”, as more of the enormous turd slowly came out.

“I bet it does”, Alison replied. Eventually the end of the log fell from Sadie’s anus. A thick wet shit about 15 inches long lay on the floor in one piece. Sadie followed it up with a loud, long fart.

“Don’t tell anyone!”, Sadie pleaded.

“Of course I wont, now lets clean up after you”, Alison answered, “oh and one more thing”


“If you ever find yourself in this situation again, come find me….that was HOT!”.

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  1. Alison is my kind of girl !! Great story there, and a good butt plug isn’t going to stop nature from taking it’s course.. Loved the story !! Sadie get some disposable diapers in the shop, they sell, you’d be surprised..

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