Desperate at the gym

I’m sitting here with a very full bladder, still waiting for it to get even fuller to have some fun with it… so I might as well use the time to write down my experience at the gym last week.

I always walk from work to the gym. This time I had a happy day and decided it is a good time to drink a beer on the walk, which is around 45 minutes. I ignored my bladder which was already quite full from drinking coke and coffee all afternoon. When I arrived at the gym, my bladder was even fuller (beer flows quickly through me), but I still ignored it, put on my white gym shorts and a tank top and began my work out. In my gym, there are lots of handsome guys, and here I was working out in the middle of them, with a very full bladder. Little spurts of piss dribbled out when I had to press hard against the weights, enough to lube my cock, but it could not be seen from the outside.
I skipped the ab exercises, as my bladder would no longer be able to handle that. After 30 mins, I went to the toilet – not to piss, but to check the bladder condition in the mirror. It was really full and sticking clearly out. I drank a few guhes of water, and went back to the gym. I still had 30 mins of treadmill to do! I began running, feeling my melon-like bladder thumping up and down in my belly. Now the piss came out of my half-stiff cock every few steps. I had chosen a program with steep inclines. When the way turned steeper, there was no holding anymore – I soaked my gym shorts quite a bit, piss began flowing down to the treadmill. And I was only 4 mins into the program!
I decided to give up then – after all, I didn’t want to be thrown out of the gym.
I went to the wellness section then, with still lots of piss in my bladder. But now my bladder is hurting and very full as I’m writing, and I can no longer write as my hands tremble… I will write about that next time I’m online.

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  1. Yeah, that was pretty good. I got desperate at the gym once (unintentionally) and sort of ignored it until I got on some sit-up machine. I almost peed the machine when I tried it and had to lean off the machine without even doing one cycle.

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