Desperate at the Dance

When I lived in San Francisco I was dating a swell guy named Bill that was almost legally blind.  I used to read to him and drive him around.  He could see some, but dimly.  He loved to dance and we took swing dance lessons.  There used to be a gay swing dance party once a month and it was a ton of fun.  Bill knew I loved piss and when we first met I was drunk enough to tell him about it and he pissed his pants in the bar while he held my face in his crotch.  So hot….oh, back to the story.

I picked up Bill and we went to the party.  We were having a great time at the lesson and he said he had to go to the bathroom, I saw a small wet spot on his khakis and he went.  Back again and we danced and had a great time.  I went to take a break and get something to drink and he was nowhere to be found.  I waited almost 20 minutes and the party started to resume.  I went to the bathroom and found him at the sink naked from the waist down rinsing out his pants that he had shit from the ass all the way to his feet.  Big brown streaks all down the back of his pants.  I asked if he was alright and he casually said “I had an accident”.  I would have been beside myself (I wasn’t brave enough to do that in public).  He had worn boxers so nothing was held back.  He threw them in the trash and anyone who came in could have seen the disaster that used to be his boxers.    After trying and trying, he gave up and we had to go through the crowd to leave and get to my car.  He put back on his pants and tied his coat around his waist to cover up as much as he can.  I followed close behind and tried to distract others.  You could still see the stains from the knees down to the feet however.  We got back to the car and I took him home.  I was secretly turned on by this.  I get off on real accidents, wet pants and more recently pooped pants.  I have been lucky enough to witness many real ones over the years.  
We got home and he showered, changed and asked to go back to the party.  Talk about brave.  We went back and had a great evening.  I made sure to reward him for turning me on later that night.  

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