Depressed poop

After being stood up from my boyfriend I laid on my bed and was just thinking. I felt that I needed to poop and though I love it! I really didn’t feel like staining my underwear so I went to my closet and pulled out pads and lined my underwear before plopping down on my bed again. I stared up at my one direction posters and family pictures all over my walls. I got up walking around in circles as the poop slowly came out but I didn’t really notice. I remember feeling my pants get tighter and a warm solid  hitting my underwear.  I squirmed a little not use to it quite yet. I sighed not enjoying it cause I was sad so I went to change walking all the way threw my house wetting but I didn’t even know. Now I’m all changed and ready for bed 🙂

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  1. I remember someone on a pooping forum years ago talking about this function of panty pooping, I think she called it "comfort pooping". I have often used it myself, I think it is a good therapy. I hope you feel better soon and also poop your pants when happy!

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