Denver/ Minneapolis/ Houston

Just checking to see if there are any ladies in the Denver area where I live. Travel a lot and will be in Minneapolis soon as well as Houston. Love any type of toilet play including poo and pee, giving and receiving. My last girlfriend got me into this fetish…I was not into it at all until her. We were drunk one night and she asked if she could shit on my chest. I laughed and told her to go for it…and she did. A major major load piled up on me along with what felt like a gallon of piss. I was shocked but also hard as a rock. I swear it two me 30 seconds to cum after that when she sucked me. Ever since I’ve loved it and have shared the same with her. Unfortunately, we broke up in June and I’ve been crazy to find someone into it…but how do you ask? Anyway, glad to be on this site.

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