Dennis filled my Speedos

I don’t know where Dennis got my phone number from, however, one evening he rang.  He explained he liked to poop his pants but as he was married he could not do it at home, even if he was alone. I confirmed that if he wanted to come round he could enjoy himself and I had ample briefs for his pleasure. He would not give me his number so, after a general chat about pants pooping, I had no way of contacting him.

Several weeks later – it was mid-morning on an Easter weekend – Dennis phoned again. I had been writing up some reports for work and had just stopped for a coffee. He needed to poop and could he come round, if it was convenient? Oh, and by the way, did I need to go too? I had been rather too preoccupied with the formatting rules of Word to have been contemplating my bowels but, never mind, I was happy to accommodate him. Good, he would be there within 20 minutes.

The door bell rang and I invited Dennis in. Normally when a guy comes round with a view to a piss or poop session I like to sit and chat about our interests, maybe look at something on the internet, before we start. I could see, however, that Dennis had no time for that. I showed him up to the spare room where I had laid out a selection of briefs and shorts on the bed. Again, other visitors had liked to try on a few pairs while I tried to remember where they were acquired and who had done what in them. After a quick rummage, Dennis selected a pair of black Speedos. He stripped off his clothes before pulling them on and tying the drawstring. “I’m absolutely dying for a shit” he said “I can’t hold it anymore”. At this juncture there was a small explosion and the back of the Speedos ballooned out. The force was such that it must have expanded the elastic on the legs because a spurt of liquid shit shot down his left thigh and dripped onto the floor. Quite on impulse, as Dennis was pulling on the trunks, I had asked him whether he thought it would be hard or soft. “Definitely soft” he replied. Luckily, I had positioned him on the waterproof sheet I had put on the carpet in case there had been any piss action.

Apart from any effect on my cock, watching Dennis void his bowels into my swimming trunks had wakened my colon. “I really need to go as well” I told him. I had been wearing a t-shirt and a pair of white Nike shorts with a fitted brief since he arrived. Turning my back on him and thrusting out my arse in his direction I pushed and grunted before producing a sizeable turd in my shorts. He seemed full of admiration as he pulled out his hard but slightly shitty cock “I thought you didn’t need to go”. I I just smiled smugly as I whacked out a load of spunk. This hit Dennis’s belly and ran down onto the Speedos. At my suggestion, he spurted his load onto a pair of my briefs for my later enjoyment.

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  1. I once picked up a homeless younger guy in Denver and took him to my place for the night. I was mid-20’s early 30’s and very much the street look. He asked if he could was his clothes. I said sure, that i needed to do laundry anyway. i got him some sweats while he stripped down to a black speedo. I asked him about the speedo. He said he was alergic to milk and had other intestinal problems and sometimes had problems holding his shit. Which was the reason he needed to do laundry. he said if he ever shit his pants the speedos rinsed out easier at gas stations and also dried faster. i invited him to use the shower and i gave him some white briefs to wear also. they looked so good on him. what a night to remember. and yes, his speedo had shit smear.

  2. Pretty hot Jon, only jut discovered your stories. Very good!

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