Deliberately Getting Caught

Posted this on the Forum here last year. Repost for those who like real-life stories.

I have a friend who’s a bit of a hermit. She’s a few years older than my mother (in her 60s), and just kinda chills at home and watches TV most days. There’s only one person, besides myself that she actually sees on a regular basis; and for some reason he gets a bit cranky if I’m around. I do lots of shopping for her in my spare afternoons.

Until recently, I’d never actually done a poo in my pants, or even HAD poo in my pants, in front of somebody. One day back in January, I just decided one afternoon that I was going to poo my pants in front of her. So, when a need to poo arose, I rang and asked if she wanted any shopping done. She asked for a few things, and I went to the supermarket. I knew that because she was taking care of her cranky friend’s dog at the time, she had to keep her screen door locked.

As I walked up the driveway, I tried to act out some “busting to do a poo” noises. I knocked, and whilst I waited for her to get up and let me in, I groaned, winced and said “Ooooh, ow, ow ow” a couple of times. As she picked up the dog and went to unlock the door, she asked me what was wrong. I replied “I need a poo, reeeeeaaaaalllly bad!”. She said “Oh, sorry mate” and as she frantically fumbled with the latch to unlock the door, I tried to act as busting as possible.

When she got the door unlocked and open, she said “Alright, quick!!”. I squirmed my way towards her kitchen counter to put the shopping down. From the front door to the counter, I was saying “Oh no, oh NO!!” louder and louder. Just before I put the shopping on the counter, I called out loudly “Oh NO! It’s coming out!”. I’d already chosen the exact spot where I wanted to poo my pants. It was in an open plan area about half way between the front door and the bathroom; easily the most exposed, visible spot in the house. After letting me in, she was maybe a couple of metres away front that very spot.

After throwing the shopping onto the counter, I grabbed my tummy and pretended to rush toward the bathroom. I took maybe four steps to get into position. As I approached I cried out “Ooooh… Ahhhh!!! AAARGGGHHHH!!!!!”. With the last cry, I stopped dead, leaned forward and reached both hands around to my bum. I tried to have the most obvious “having a poo accident” pose I could imagine. Then I pushed the poo into my undies. I made sure not to make any noise while the poo was coming out. The poo came out with a gentle crackle and hiss, just loud enough for both of us to comfortably hear it.

I just did a poo in my pants, in my friend’s house, right in front of her. She asked “Oh no, are you OK?”. I just replied “I just pooed myself”. I insisted that it wasn’t a very bad one, and that because I do a large amount of long distance walking, that doing poos in my pants happened quite regularly. I got cleaned up quite easily, and came back out to watch some TV.

She reassured me that it was OK, and that she’s done poos in her pants too. We then had a lengthy discussion about past poo accidents we’d had. It was the most excitement I’ve had in a while.

The story then develops. A couple of weeks later, I did a live stream here on PooPeeLife’s video chat. I used sorbitol gum and Metamucil fibre drink to have a massive accident. Poo was amazing, but I actually ended up in an ambulance the next morning. I told them I’d taken sorbitol and Metamucil the previous night, and that I was extremely dizzy and couldn’t take in any fluids (I left out the livestream bit). They put me on a nutrient drip for about an hour and I was feeling better.

My friend rang me, needing some shopping, but I told her I wasn’t well. I told her that I’d eaten a bunch of sugar free sweets, had a number of big accidents and ended up one a drip in an ambulance. I said I’d be OK.

A couple of days later I went around to her house with some shopping. It was my birthday the next day and she had a card for me. As she handed me the envelope, she apologised and said that she’d bought the card before my ambulance ordeal. I opened it, and it was a humorous card about getting old and shitting your pants. She thought that I’d find it funny since I’d shit my pants in her house about a week or two earlier. I told her not to apologise, and that there was a specific reason I was not offended by the card.

I then told her the story about my old neighbour Christie (going back over 15 years).

Christie was a very eccentric sort, a bit of a loner, but very nice. One day we were walking home from somewhere, and I told her that I needed to poo. A few minutes later Christie said she needed to poo as well. Another few minutes passed, Christie said that she couldn’t hold it in any more, and did a poo in her jeans. She looked really embarrassed. So, out of sympathy I decided to poo in my pants too, which seemed to cheer her up. When we got back to her place, she asked if I’d join her for a joint or two (I used to partake in my younger days). I agreed, but she suggested we should share a joint before we clean up our poo accidents. After having a smoke, having a poo in my pants started feeling OK; and the fact that I was sharing that experience made it pretty good.

However, a couple of days later Christie confessed something to me. She didn’t actually have an accident. She did poo her pants, but it wasn’t an accident. She did it hoping that I would do it too. She told me that if I didn’t just poo my pants right after she did, that she would have suggested it would make her feel better for me to “have an accident too”. Christie said that she’d had a few accidents as a teenager, and realised that it didn’t feel bad to her. So she started doing it on purpose. She implored me to join her. She was regularly sharing loads free weed and food with me… all I had to do was come over, get stoned and poo my pants. Christie was a really nice friend. Weird, but very sweet and generous. The only 2 things she ever wanted from me was to poo my undies and and watch her poo in hers. Unfortunately, the landlord eventually wanted to renovate and sell the block, so we got evicted. We lost contact after that, and I don’t know where she is now.
For a while, I would still occasionally poo my pants on purpose. Just as a reminder of some good times. It sort of died off until recently…

Today, my friend rang me, asking if I would be able to grab some shopping for her. I said that I was out, but would go to the shops on the way home. I then realised I needed a poo. Not a very big one, but one nonetheless. I got to the shopping centre about half an hour later and grabbed the shopping. As I left the shopping centre I rang her back. I told her that I had been “in town” (about an hour walk away) and had to drop off some borrowed DVDs to a friend. I said that I’d been walking for a long time and asked “Can you makr sure the door is unlocked. For the last 20 minutes I’ve been busting to do a poo”. She chuckled and said she’d make sure it wasn’t locked. I said “OK. But been holding this in for ages, so I’m not sure I’ll even make it that far”. She said it’s OK and she’d see me soon.

I was never going to make it. I got to about 2 doors down from her place, stopped in a nice shady spot under a tree and pushed the poo into my pants. I got to her house, opened the door, and she said “Quick, straight in. Just put the stuff on the floor”. I just replied with “No point…”. She asked me “Too late?”, and I said “Yeah. Already pooed”. She said it was OK. I just went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I told her that it was a messier one this time but not too bad. We had another chat about poo accidents.

I told her that since my poo accident in her house back in January, I’d been getting into playing “holding it in” games. I’d been choosing even longer routes on my long morning walks to increase the risk of having an accident. I’d wait at home until I needed to poo, then see if I could do a whole shopping trip to the supermarket and back without pooing myself; or sometimes I’d make it home from a walk, busting to poo but still holding on, but I’d just put my bag down, go back out and walk around the block until I have an accident.

She seems pretty cool with it. I’m trying to work my into a good situation. I really want to poo my pants in front of her more often. During the winter months, I generally go to her house on Friday and Saturday nights to watch football. I’m hoping that she’ll eventually let me poo my pants in front of her on purpose, hopefully on a regular basis.

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  1. I have. I often go out into my front yard, by my letterbox, and try to surreptitiously poo my pants right as someone walks past.

    There’s one creepy 50-60ish lady who likes to go through people’s recycling bins. She actually stopped in front of my house one day to ask me if I had any plastic bottles (where I live, the government gives 10c refunds for bottles & cans via these fancy automated collection points. My town has 3 of these). I had a few plastic bottles in a bucket on my doorstep. As I handed her the bottles, I pooed my undies.

    The friend in the story has since moved away. Since that first accident, I’ve had about 10 accidents in front of her. Most of them were on purpose, but I pretended that I was having an accident. She did once let me poo myself on purpose in her back yard. She knows that I like to poo myself, and told her I wanted to have one really obvious on purpose poo in my pants. I remember telling her “You’ve seen me have a few poo accidents. But I wanna do one that you definitely know is on purpose.”

  2. Oh that is so hot.
    I love pooping myself in front of people on purpose, pretending it’s an accident. Usually while standing in line at a bathroom (e.g. music festival, Starbucks), and in elevators late at night after coming home from a night out. I love the reactions of laughter, disgust, humiliation, sympathy, etc.

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