I love to deliberately go #2 in my pants. I woke up and felt a fullness in my lower stomach. After being up a while I had the urge to go . I like to wear underpants and then put a plastic outer coating from a baby disposable diaper that has prints on it. In the front inside I tape a smaller diaper for the pee I will do right after I shit. It has the puffiness by the front making it look like a real baby diaper. Underpants show the huge bulges better than diapers do. So when I shit this the bulges are real noticeable but has the look and feel of a toddlers diaper. So I got real still and stood up staring out into space and began to gggrrruunnntt! Pushing on it I felt the turd start to flow out. It was a long one. It just kept coming out. The long one felt awesome against my butt cheeks as it slid downward. Eventually the turd just snapped off and went PLOP! That made me happy. I pretended mommie was in the other room and would soon see and smell what I did. I repeated this two more times and each time it was a long one. So the weight of my shit was tremendous. I now had a LOAD IN MY PANTS! The best part comes because I want to sit in it. Doing that will make mommy’s job harder when she has to change me. The shit will be all over my bummy and she will have to wipe me forever. So I put the top seat of the toilet down and sat in all that shit. Ecstacy ! It felt so awesome the shit went all over me and up my crack. When I stood up the shit sagged downward but what was in my crack remained. That is the area that will be the biggest wiping clean up. Mommy has a big huge mess to change. Right after I finished shitting I began to wet. Pee always goes with shit. I saturated that diaper in the front and the undies also were soaked. Before mommie could get to me I sat down more times in it and the pee mixed with the shit making it softer and wetter. That made it more noticeable because there was a definite stain leaking through to the plastic outer cover. The color of BROWN …what a mess!

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  1. Me too and I still remember the first time I deliberately did it. It was amazing and from that day on my underwear were never the same again. I also remember the day one of my friend’s mum’s took me into her room and questioned me about the state of my underwear. They had all been washed but had irrefutable evidence of what I had been doing in them. Compared to an example of my friends mine looked like they had been seriously integrated and that’s exactly what I had done. After that she took quite a lot of interest in me and my underwear.

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