Debbie and me

I was feeling very sad and miserable because my boyfriend dumped me a few weeks ago and I thought i had no friends in the world.Debbie invited me home for dinner with her family on Friday after work,so I went along and enjoyed a lovely meal with her and her mum.After,we talked and just spent time together all three of us.What I didn’t know at the time was that Debbie and her mum were both in the habit of pooping their panties,and had laced the gravy at dinner with stool softener,to encourage me to poop my panties too,so taking my mind off my sadness.I felt as if I needed to poop quite bad but did not wan to do this in a friend’s home on my first visit,so held in so that I could poop at home.Debbie drove me home in her car but stopped at a view point on the way to let me see right over the Salt Lake Valley.It was really pretty at night,but then when her car refused to start I was in a panic due to my poop being very ready to come out.I mentioned that I was desperate and Debbie said that since she did have a poop accident sometimes driving home in the car,I should not worry if my poop did come out,and that she was getting desperate too.

We talked a bit more and discussed what we should do about our toilet problem.Debbie said that she was so desperate she was going to have to let her poop come out anyway,and perhaps I should do the same.I saw her just relax andnoticed a smell of poop as she said that she was letting her poop come out into her panties,so I just thought I might as well join her and so I relaxed and in seconds my panties were being filled with lots of quite soft poop which seemed to be going everywhere in my panties and even leaked onto my black skirt that I wear for work,since I had come straight from work to Debbie’s home with her.I confess I had mixed feelings.I worried that my skirt would be ruined,but Debbie said it would wash out fine as she had messed her skirt too before,driving home.When she assured me that my clothing would get cleaned like new,I was much happier and actually began to enjoynthe feeling of the warm soft poop covering my rear end.It had spread right up the back to my waistband and also up the front to cover part of my belly too.As I moved I could feel it spreading a little further each time and before long I was moving just so that I could enjoy feeling it move too.Debbie used her hands to push her poop round both sides of her panties and so I thought,’why not,I am covered anyway’so I used my hands and spread the soft poop round to both sides of my panties,thinking I could not make things any worse if I tried.I have to admit it did feel quite exciting once I got over the first concerns about doing such a thing.

Debbie explained that her mum also had a few poop accidents,so they were not worried about cleaning up such messes,and I should come back home with her and phone my parents to let them know I would be sleeping over at their place and not coming home.When we got back to Debbie’s her mother welcomed us and we got straight into a hot shower after taking off our dirt clothes.Her mum cleaned up the clothes and put them in the washer while Debbie and I showered,helping each other to clean off all the poop and getting freshened up with nice perfumed soap.After all that I felt really tired and ready to fall into bed.I shared a nice soft large bed with Debbie and fell into such a deep sleep that I never moved until I woke up about 9am on the Saturday.We got up and had breakfast together with her mum and all my clothes from the night before were sitting there all clean and ready to go.After breakfast Debbie drove me home and on the way admitted she had switched off the car electrics last night so that we would have to poop our panties together,as she knew it would take my mind off my problems.She said she hoped I was not too upset by that,but I told her that after the first missgivings I had began to enjoy the whole experience and thanked her for helping me to forget my problems.

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  1. It’s great that both Debbie and you wrote their side of this story 🙂

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