Start with a kiddy wading pool just big enough to hold the people who will be in it.  Could be two or more players.  Within reach is a cooler full of refreshing beverages, whatever you can drink in vast quantities.  Shortly after the consumption begins, the players enter the pool,  They will stay in the pool until the cooler is emptied, and maybe longer.  It is ok to take short naps as needed.  When anybody needs to piss, they just do.  Into the pool, on themselves, on another player.  Also on hand is an empty food seasoning shaker, washed and refilled with J-Lube powder.  As the pool and players get wet, shake on some J-Lube powder, which makes a wonderful slime when mixed with water or piss.  It won’t be long before there is enough slime in the pool for all the players to be completely slimed.  Additional contact activities are welcome.  Who wants to play?

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  1. I got an inflatable pool, box says 120" x 72" x 22". Looking for a place to set it up and get wet! Could be indoors and outdoors when it is warm enough.

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