Day before dance- Pt 2 of GF and wetting

It was a Friday afternoon, 09 Nov. 1979, Pegi and I were at lunch, she was wearing dark Blue jeans (Jordache I believe/remember) light blue t-neck with a red pull-over knit sweater and her KH black boots. Me casual, Levi navy blue cords ( I wore mainly cords at the time), brown strup boots ( the kind that have a flat front toe and leather straps around the heel and ankle with a gold/brass ring in the straps on the inner and outer side of the boots-You may know the type, or even have worn them), a bright red button down shirt with a navy v-neck pull over sweater and royal blue t-neck underneath my shirt. The weather was cold, but not to cold about 35 deg. F., light snow falling.


We made small talk as HS kids do, talking about our classes and teachers the home work and the like. We finished lunch and went for a walk around the school grounds, stopping at our lockers to get our next classes books. We proceeded to the football field, which was near the building (about 40 ft through a gate), and we took a seat on the bleechers. We were alone as it was cold and snowing, but niether of us was cold as we had on our winter costs, ski jackets actually and some gloves and hats. We played a little “grab-ass” and “touchy-feeley” with each other but nothing to serious, just playful interest. We kissed a couple of times and hugged while doing so, and the feeling of each other became more intense and pleasureable, as we groped each other. I could feel my light blue briefs and navy thermals becoming damp, but nothing on the surface of my cords, she on the other hand had, was becoming damp/wet? and visable in her jeans at a close distance. Her jeans felt thick as I expected, as I am sure she thought about my pants. We embraced and I placed my hand down the back of her jeans (with some difficulty as they were tight on her), and I could feel the thermals she was wearing underneath, just as she felt mine. We turned slightly toward each other and she went for my belt and pants top, she undid them and exposed my thermals and felt them, (they were wetter than I thought), she had opened my cords to expose the entire front so that she could she them and the wetting in them, a spot about 2″ across right in the middle front, she then pulled the front of my thermals out and looked inside and smiled at the dark circle in my light colored blue cotton rib front briefs. She then ran her hand over them and gave a light squeeze and more wee shot into them as I moaned slightly, she rubbed the wettness as it entered the material of my underwear. She lowered my thermals nack down and rubbed the front of them until they were as wet, then leaned back and allowed me to expose her.


I undid her jeans and slid the zipper down, as before I had to pull her shirt up some, it releaved her light pink colored thermal pants, and as I ran my hand low into her middle she moaned and released into them, I could feel the warmth as it penetrated her thermals. reached up to pull her themals down and found white nylon “rumba” styled brief panties( the kind that have ruffles on the front and back panel), but she also had on white cotton pull-up training pants as well, (alot more underwear than I was wearing, but so much the better).


With our underwear exposed, we both weed some more into our thermals, so that the wettness was quite visable. We then did up our pants, and hugged and kissed some more. Knowing that the MC dance was the next night a the school, I asked her if she was going, she said she would if she had someone to take her, I replied I’ll take you-she smiled as if she knew that I wasn’t going to ask-not!!! We would both have to be in uniform, (blues). Me in my navy/mid-night blue blouse and trousers with red stripe (the blood stripe) and black socks, her in blouse, skirt and white under-blouse/shirt, tights. At this time we had to leave for our afternoon classes, but I would talk to her later by phone to confirm our date and pick-up time-That is part 3.


Hope you enjoy(ed). Please comment and post what you think happed in part 3!!!  

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