New Story

This is for member stories. Please note, this isn’t for silly things like “Hey who is in the UK?” or things like that. Those belong in the forums.


  1. Anything involving anyone under the age of 18, whether fictional or not.
  2. General bitching and moaning about things that aren’t about a story
  3. Any content that is not an actual story
  4. Any content that a moderator deems inappropriate for the site
  5. Any content in any language other than English. (Browsers will automatically translate the story for non-English reading visitors)


  1. Your story should be useful. You know, worth reading.
  2. For your featured image, the best resolution for it is 1050px width * 320px height. When you upload pictures that size, they will be full banner width and look the best. Try not to use really small images as your featured image, they will not look so pretty. Experiment, upload an image, and view your story. Does it look good? You can always edit it again if it does not.
  3. Have fun!
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