“C’mon, LJ, do it!”

The well-build young man with dark skin huffed. “Why you always gettin’ me to do all the stupid gross shit?!”

“Because we know you’re stupid enough to do it. Now kiss Brandon! It’s a dare; you have to do it!”

The black man huffed and rubbed his head. He and his two friends Brandon and Samson were busy playing Truth or Dare inside a zipped-up tent. Of course, given their somewhat adolescent behavior, they were mostly just daring each other to do gross things, such as Brandon being dared into sitting and farting on LJ’s face. All three of them were in their early 20s, and all of them had been camping out in the woods for the weekend. Right now all of them were only wearing a t-shirt, underwear, and socks. LJ’s t-shirt was gray, and he wore dark green boxer-briefs that showed off his package quite nicely. His friend Samson wore a red t-shirt and gray boxer-briefs. And Brandon wore a pair of white briefs and a t-shirt with sweat stains all over it.

“…Fine, I’ll do it.”

The chubby man grinned before he chugged an entire can of beer and tossed it aside. After discarding the beverage, he licked his lips and scooted closer to LJ, snickering.

“Pucker up.”

LJ sighed heavily again before he closed his eyes. He figured he may as well get it over with. LJ put down his flashlight and scooted closer to Brandon before wrapping his arms around the chubby white man’s neck. They both pressed their lips together and kissed noisily. LJ only managed to kiss him for three seconds before he noticed just how slobbery the man’s mouth was. The bitter taste of alcohol on Brandon’s breath nearly made him gag, and LJ was forced to pull his lips away in disgust with a loud slurp.


Brandon and Samson fell on their backs and started to laugh raucously, watching as LJ spat and wiped his tongue off with his left arm. Brandon was in the middle of laughing when he started to cough and abruptly stopped. The man could feel something warm trickling out his penis, and part of his briefs became wet. He immediately stopped himself before he wound up pissing his briefs from too much laughter.

“HAHAHA, that was just rich!”

“Stop whining, LJ. It wasn’t that bad,” said Brandon.

“You put your tongue in my mouth!”

“So what? It’s not like I spit in it!”

“Because I pulled away before you did!”

Samson continued to howl with laughter until Brandon’s stomach growled loud enough for his friends to hear. The sinewy man stopped chuckling and watched as Brandon groaned and patted his stomach with his right hand.

“Ooooh, this is gonna be a big one boys!”

LJ quickly pulled his shirt over his nose. Brandon leaned over with his right leg off the floor of the tent and shamelessly released a sputtering wet fart for several seconds inside the tent. He sighed afterwards and rubbed his fat gut with pride while Samson waved a hand in front of his nose and headed over to open up the tent.

“Stop stinkin’ up the tent, Brandon! It’s bad enough we have to suffer through your body odor all night!”

Brandon grinned and shined his flashlight at Samson. “I dare you and LJ not to unzip the tent until tomorrow morning!”

Samson was just about to touch the zipper when he jerked his head around. “What?!”

“It’s a dare, Samson. You have to do it,” said LJ, his voice muffled by his t-shirt.

Samson sighed heavily and sat back down, plugging his nose with his left hand. “Fine…but you better pray we don’t suffocate from your nasty ass!”

“All right, my turn! Uh…I dare Samson to sniff Brandon’s feet.”

Samson rolled his eyes. “Why are all the dares revolving around the smelliest guy in this tent?”

“What? He just dared us to stay in the tent all night. It’s not like I can dare you to shove a beehive down your underwear now. So bend your ass over and start sniffin’!”

Brandon grabbed another can of beer and opened it up. He started to drink the alcoholic beverage before he burped and wiped some spit from his mouth. “Well, go on! They’re not gonna bite ya!”

The toned man sighed and crawled forward until he was staring down at Brandon’s socked feet. He grabbed both feet by the ankles and lifted them up so his nose was only a few inches away. Samson could already smell the malt vinegar odor buried within the socks; the socks themselves were dirty and stained. Clearly they hadn’t been washed in weeks. Samson shoved his nose against the gray socks and took a big whiff, his chest inflating. The man shut his eyes and groaned as the stench of smelly cheese filled his lungs. But he kept sniffing, much to LJ’s enjoyment. Samson took his nose away briefly so he could cough and shake his head; the smell of Brandon’s last fart was getting to him too. But eventually, Samson pressed his nose against Brandon’s smelly socked feet and took another deep breath, appalled by how rank his feet were.

“Hehehe, smell good, don’t they?”

Samson recoiled and coughed some more. “No, asshole! When was the last time you even washed these?!”

“I can’t remember.”

The look on Samson’s face was enough to make LJ and Brandon fall on their backs and roll around laughing. Samson scooted away, sniffling and coughing, trying to get the foul odor of the chubby man’s feet from his olfaction system. As Brandon laughed, more pee trickled from his cock. He laughed so hard that the urine began to bleed through the fabric, and some of it trickled onto the tent floor. Brandon sat up and swore as he clutched his crotch, groaning. But it was too late. He had drunk so much beer than his bladder couldn’t take it, and now the fluids were beginning to spill out. LJ stopped laughing too when he heard the trickling noises. Brandon blushed and removed his hands, seeing no point in hiding it now. If it hadn’t been for the flashlights and the lantern hanging from the roof of the tent, they wouldn’t have seen a thing. But LJ and Samson could see the dark stain that had formed on Brandon’s underwear. The yellow fluids bled through instantly, spilling out the briefs and wetting the quilt that Brandon was sitting on. The trickling was cacophonous now; the fluids sloshed around a little as Brandon scooted forward. The warm piss stained his crotch, ass, and part of his thighs. The tent was slowly filling with the musky odor of urine. As LJ watched Brandon urinate, the well-built man grinned and snickered.

“Told you not to drink all that beer.”

“Fuck you.”

Samson snickered too. “Relax, buddy. It happens to the best of us! Y’know, when we’re four or five.”

LJ and Samson continued to snicker until Brandon finally stopped pissing his briefs. Suddenly, his gut grumbled, and the two men stopped laughing. Brandon grinned, finally realizing how he could get back at the two men.

“You’re in trouble now!”

Brandon gritted his teeth as he leaned over and cut a nasty, sputtering fart for several seconds. LJ didn’t even have time to cover his nose with his shirt before the stench hit him. And Samson quickly scooted away, groaning with disgust over how foul the gas was. Brandon laughed heartily as the two men coughed from the fumes, seemingly ignoring his wet briefs. Brandon leaned over again to fart, but all he heard was a disgusting squish. The fat man shouted and stopped; he just shat himself a little. A thin brown stain had appeared on the back of his briefs.

“Shit…I think that was a little too hard there.”

LJ frowned. “…You mean you–“

“Yeah, I did. …Must’ve been those berries I ate earlier; I knew somethin’ was wrong with them! I’ll be right back.”

As Brandon got up to leave the tent, Samson quickly blocked the path. “Where ya goin’?”

“To go take a shit outside! You want me to go right here?”

“But you can’t leave! It’s part of the dare, remember?”

“No, I dared you and LJ not to leave. I can go wherever I please!”

“Then I dare you not to touch that zipper also!” said LJ.


“Hey, I don’t make the rules. Sit your fat ass back down and hold it in!”

Brandon heard his stomach grumbling and swore to himself. He retreated back to the spot that was moist with his musky urine and sat back down, wrapping his arms around his fat gut. Samson grinned devilishly before another disgusting idea came to mind.

“…I dare you to shit yourself. Right here, in front of us.”

“I’m not doing that! This is the only pair of underwear I brought for the trip!”

“That’s your problem. ‘Sides, you already pissed in them. What more could it hurt filling those smelly briefs of yours?”

“For starters, we’ll be trapped in here with the smell,” LJ added.

Samson snickered. He was secretly into watching grown men soiling themselves, but he’d never admit that. Now he finally had the chance to watch one of his best friends do it.

“So, you gonna do it, or are you too chicken?”

Brandon scowled and muttered something under his breath. With how much pain he felt, he was starting to not care if he ruined his briefs. He could always just wash them in the river tomorrow. The chubby man turned around and got on all fours, showing off the giant skid mark on his ass. LJ and Samson braced themselves for the incoming smell and plugged their noses.

“Hehe, don’t worry fellas. My turn to pick out a dare is coming real soon.”

Brandon let out another supply of flatulence and shit; the skid mark grew bigger, coated with fresh shit. Then the chubby man sighed and voided his bowels. He let all the sloppy shit in his gut fall out. The man felt embarrassed and somehow aroused as he filled his briefs. The wet shit poured out with little noise; LJ and Samson could see a massive brown stain running down the briefs and spreading. It was so wet that some of the shit was already beginning to leak out. That’s when the big chunks came out. LJ and Samson groaned when they heard revolting squishing and farting. The wet blobs of shit splattered against Brandon’s tight briefs, causing them to bulge outwards and then sag. The hot shit spread around almost instantly, causing most of the back of Brandon’s briefs to turn brown. Suddenly, there was a nasty fart, and three thick squishes. Various bulges began to appear in Brandon’s briefs, and they sagged even lower. The whole tent reeked of rotten eggs that had been left out in the sun. Being cooped up in such a secluded area made the air thick, almost nauseating. But Brandon kept going, sighing as the burning shit left his foul-smelling anus. There was another juicy fart, followed by wet splattering, and another squish. Suddenly, Brandon let out a long, relieved sigh and began to pant.

LJ started to gag. The tent smelled worse than an outhouse. But Samson could only grin as he felt an erection forming in his boxer-briefs. He groped his gray underwear and moaned quietly as he squeezed his cock. LJ just stared at the mess in Brandon’s briefs. There were so many lumps in his underwear that it looked like someone stuffed clumps of clay down his briefs. The light brown shit was now a darker, muddier color. The scat was very loose; the excrement dripped from his briefs with a light trickling sound. And the smell was overpowering. LJ was surprised he hadn’t puked his guts out yet. Brandon exhaled again before he wiggled his ass a little and chuckled.

“Whew…that feels much better.”

Brandon turned around and slowly sat down, listening as his shit squished noisily, the sound of which made LJ gag again. Then Brandon grinned, leaned over, and cut another disgusting shart that filled his briefs with more mushy feces. The man growled to himself before he reached behind and groped the seat of his briefs. He smashed more shit against his ass before he looked at his hand, noticing all the brown smudges on it. He grabbed his wet crotch and moaned again as he rubbed his piss-stained groin, smearing the wet shit around it. Much to LJ’s surprise, he found this to be alluring, and Samson was struggling not to beat off here and now.

“Now, what should I do with you? Ah, yes! I dare you to piss yourself, LJ! I always did wonder what it would be like to see you pee all over your underwear, all that musky urine comin’ out that big black cock of yours.”

LJ smirked. “That’s too bad. I peed an hour ago and haven’t drunk anything since!”

LJ grunted when Brandon tossed him a six-pack. LJ dropped the beers and frowned, while Brandon just grinned.

“I got plenty of time.”

“Technically, you didn’t dare me–“

“I dare you to drink all that beer and then piss yourself. And while we’re at it, I think Samson should join you!”

Samson stopped groping his crotch and frowned. Despite how kinky he was, he only liked to watch others ruin his underwear. He wasn’t a big fan of doing it himself.

“Uh, Brandon–“

“It’s a dare. You have to do it. Or are you too chicken?”

LJ and Samson closed their eyes and sighed with defeat. “We just had to play this game…”


A few hours later, LJ and Samson were squirming, desperately trying not to piss themselves. Unfortunately, LJ couldn’t hold it in any longer. Once Brandon heard a faint dripping sound, he pointed his flashlight as LJ’s groin and grinned.

“Ah! Stand up so we can all have a nice view as you wet your undies.”

The muscular man huffed before he slowly got to his feet and stopped covering his groin. Suddenly, LJ exhaled and began to urinate in his boxer-briefs. A wet stain appeared on the dark green underwear and slowly began to spread in multiple directions. Samson and Brandon watched as the yellow fluids darkened nearly the entire front part of his boxer-briefs. It didn’t take long before the urine started to trickle down LJ’s legs, and eventually began to splatter onto the quilt. The trio listened to the urine dripping onto the quilt and heard a loud hiss. LJ looked down at his boxer-briefs and noticed a lot of the pee was bleeding through the fabric. Any harder and someone would’ve thought he was pissing directly onto the quilt. The muscular man could feel the pee dripping onto his socks; he wiggled his toes and spread his legs a little, trying not to get them soaked. The puddle in-between his legs were getting bigger, but the quilt they were all sitting on absorbed all the musky fluids.

“There…now don’t you feel better?”

LJ had to admit, he felt pretty good. He didn’t seem to mind that he just wet himself, especially since Brandon’s underwear was full of foul-smelling shit.

“After chuggin’ all that beer, hell yeah.”

LJ sat down as he slowly stopped urinating, feeling quite relieved. Brandon turned and faced Samson.

“Your turn buddy,” he growled.

Samson exhaled loudly. “Just as long as no one finds out about this.”

“Both of us already pissed ourselves; what’s the point in blabbing about what you’re about to do when you can do the same to us?” said LJ.

“…Good point.”

Samson shifted over to the end of the tent and spread his legs wide. Leaning backwards, he gave LJ and Brandon a perfect view of his crotch. Samson exhaled harshly before he closed his eyes and began to relax. As soon as the warm stain appeared, Samson sighed with relief. The other two men heard a faint trickling sound, followed by an audible and squishy hiss. The stain on his gray boxer-briefs was much bigger now. Some of the fluids were bleeding through the fabric and flowing down onto the quilt. Samson sighed again and rubbed his crotch, feeling the warm urine getting his hand wet. A small puddle formed in-between the man’s legs and was slowly spreading. The quilt couldn’t absorb the fluids fast enough. Everyone listened as there was a faint splashing noise, and Brandon saw a small yellow puddle oozing forward from Samson’s underwear. Samson wiggled his ass, feeling the fluids wetting his buttocks too. The tent was filled with the thick odor of musk, which mixed together with the smell of Brandon’s shitty briefs and three men in need of a long shower. As Samson’s stream of urine began to die down, the young man exhaled and shifted around. He got on all fours and pointed his toned rump at Brandon and LJ. His ass wasn’t as fat as Brandon’s, but it was still quite big and round.

Brandon crawled forward, sniffing the back of Samson’s underwear. The sinewy man let out two small farts before he felt his asshole opening up. Grunting, Samson pushed out the first log of shit very slowly. Everyone heard a faint hiss and the various crackling noises. Samson’s boxer-briefs bulged outwards and sagged as the first log made contact with the material. There was another fart, followed by a second log of shit that made much more noise coming out. The musky, rotten stench of the shit filled the tent, but Brandon’s messy underwear still clearly overpowered the rest of the odors. Brandon moaned and sniffed Samson’s rapidly expanding underwear, adoring the foul odor. LJ curiously got on all fours and gave Brandon’s messy brown briefs a quick whiff. He wound up recoiling and covering his mouth and nose with both hands.

“Goddamn! Your underwear stinks something fierce!”

Brandon took it as a compliment and just grinned at LJ. Meanwhile, the second log fell into Samson’s underwear. He stopped pushing so he could exhale and breathe heavily, but when another tiny fart crept out his anus, the man knew another big log was about to come out. Gritting his teeth, Samson grunted and pushed out the final log. It was so huge that it made his boxer-briefs bloat out even more than before. The crackling intensified; so much shit was pressed against Samson’s underwear that a couple of brown stains were beginning to appear. Unlike Brandon, his shit was hard, so it would be much easier for him to clean out his undergarments. Brandon was probably gonna have to toss his briefs in the trash. After the log was finally out, a loud and disgusting “blorp” sound filled the tent. Samson sighed with much relief and smiled, glad that his bowels were finally clear. Brandon laughed and patted Samson’s load, which was no smaller than the size of an orange. He pressed his left hand against Samson’s ass, grinning as the pile of dung was flattened and spread all around his buttocks. He moved his hand around, making sure to get Samson’s ass even dirtier than it already was. Then he sat back down, and watched as Samson sat down in his own mess with a faint squish.

“Hehehe, and here I thought neither of you would go through with it.”

“You know, it’s…it feels kinda nice. I mean, not now since it’s starting to cool, but when you actually start to pee yourself, that warmth is something you can’t experience any other way,” said LJ.

“That’s good! Maybe I’ll start daring you guys to piss yourselves more often!”

“Uh…sure,” said Samson timidly. “…But only if you shit yourself with us.”

Brandon shrugged. “Why not? Speaking of which, I got one last dare for you guys.”

Both men groaned. “I am not sniffing your feet again!”

“No, no, not that. I dare all of us to…spend the rest of our trip in these pairs of underwear.”

“We can’t do that! We’ll end up getting some kind of rash!” protested LJ.

“Sounds like someone’s chicken,” muttered Samson with a smirk.

“You got nothing to worry about; you only pissed yourself. Besides, what’s wrong with simmering in our own filth? We’re in the middle of the woods. No one gives a fuck about toilets or being potty trained or taking showers. I say we use the rest of our time to bask in our own manly smells. Nothing wrong with being dirty and embracing how much we stink, right?”

LJ huffed. “Ah, screw it anyway. You dared me, and I can always buy more underwear when we get back home if I want. Maybe it’s just me, but I think I’m used to the smell of this tent now.”

“Now that’s the spirit!” said Samson, patting LJ on the back.

The three men spent a few more minutes talking and joking with each other before they turned off the lantern and their flashlights. All three men got underneath the quilt and slowly began to fall asleep, their underwear still damp and full from pissing and soiling themselves. The whole tent reeked of their musky, shitty odors. And that was just the way they liked it.

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  1. Nice length, wonderful detail, and amusing dialogue. I throughly enjoyed this. ;p

  2. wow! u r quite talented at writing this kind of fiction! i thoroughly enjoyed this and wish it were only real haha! thank you for the raging hard on! ;D

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