Danny was, in his own vernacular, Well Drunk as he staggered homeward after a night out with the lads. Not a big drinker in any case, because it interfered with his weight training regime, he was aware that he needed to cover ground quite quickly as he could feel the alcohol-induced sleep descending. So it was that he took the risky approach of branching off the beaten path and into the park where he knew he could shave fifteen minutes from his journey time. The park at this time of night would be quiet but people avoided it because of a spate of muggings that had taken place in recent months.

The night out had been to celebrate the unbeaten run of the local rugby team (for which Danny played prop) and had been a booze-fuelled pub crawl complete with much singing and a certain amount of slightly indecent behaviour. Danny had been glad that his shiny tracksuit bottoms had a cord to tie the waist securely as the number of times his compatriots had tried to pull them down, while giggling like maniacs, had been alarming. His team-mates regularly took the mickey out of the 21 year old for his sizeable dick and the theme of the night had, apparently, been to ensure that the denizens of various pubs got to see the goods. Fortunately Danny’s dignity had remained intact although various other team members had not been so lucky. Danny smiled to himself as he recalled the antics of the gang.

The cold night air and the copious quantities of bitter were beginning to take their toll and Danny realised that he wouldn’t be able to make it home in time and needed to stop and relieve himself. He took a quick look around but the park was silent. He then nimbly jogged to a tree and prepared to empty his straining bladder.

As he squirmed; his fingers fumbled with the cord at his waistband and, to his horror, he realised that the pulling and yanking on his tracksuit earlier in the evening had caused the cord to knot tightly and he couldn’t undo it. He giggled drunkenly at the thought that, while earlier the cord had prevented his rowdy team-mates from accessing his dick, now it was doing the exact same thing to him. He swore under his breath as he continued groping at the tiny intractable knot, his need to piss intensifying with every second. A patina of sweat broke out on his forehead.

Finally, bladder aching, he gave up on his fight with the drawstring and resigned himself to the fact that he was probably about to piss himself. He decided that there was nothing for it but to strike out for home and, if the worst happened, he would just have to avoid anyone else he encountered on his journey. He staggered off into the night, clutching himself and swearing. He was blissfully unaware of the two men, hidden by the shadows created by the streetlights that watched his progress with interest.

The men disengaged from their position and began to follow the hapless lad. From behind him they could hear his monologue regarding his predicament as Danny tried to talk himself into thinking about anything other than his need to pee. The men took in the view of Danny’s bubble butt – encased in the shiny and tight fabric of the trackies. They noted his broad shoulders and muscular frame and, from a few feet behind him, they suddenly stopped as Danny came to an abrupt halt.

His knees together and slightly bent, it was apparent from behind him that the brawny lad was pissing himself. In the chill air steam could be seen rising as Danny flooded his briefs and urine coursed down his thighs to pool at his feet. One of the men, the taller of the two, who wore a full beard and looked slightly like a displaced lumberjack in his garb of checked shirt and dirty jeans, nodded to the other. He produced a small syringe from a spectacles case in his pocket. The men closed in on the hunky rugby player who was quietly moaning in relief as his bladder emptied down his legs.

The shorter man, who was dressed in jeans and a hoodie, tapped Danny on the shoulder causing the big lad to jump in shock. Danny whirled around, his hands flying to cover his embarrassment and completely failing to hide the darkened crotch and thighs of his tracksuit.

“Jesus! You scared the shit out of me!” Danny looked down at himself and realised how he looked to the two newcomers.

“Bit of an accident, you know how it goes” he said with a drunken giggle. His cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

From out of nowhere the short man suddenly punched Danny in the gut. In his inebriated state he couldn’t react fast enough to block the blow and Danny doubled up with a groan as the wind was smacked out of him. He lost his balance and fell to his knees, straight into the puddle of his own creating. Danny’s head was swimming as he tried to suck in air and he knew he was in trouble. He raised a hand up protectively only to have his arm grabbed by the shorter man who held it in a steel-like grip as the tall man bore down on the helpless lad and injected the proffered arm quickly with the contents of the syringe.

“What the fuck man!?” Danny slurred, his arm smarting from the injection. The two men grabbed an arm each and pulled him to his unsteady feet. “Get the fuck off of me! Hey!!”
He shouted as his arms were manhandled behind his back. The short man took a long cable-tie from his pocket and swiftly secured Danny’s wrists. They then pushed him to the floor and repeated the procedure with Danny’s wet ankles. The whole event took less than ten seconds and Danny was powerless to stop them. He shouted out for the men to stop and called for help but, at this time of night, Danny knew there would be no one around to hear him. All he could do was squirm helplessly on the ground as the bigger of the two men loomed over him.

Grabbing the frightened rugby player’s hair, the man yanked his head back and Danny’s mouth was suddenly invaded by a large ball which was then strapped in place around his head. He could make no sound apart from angry grunts.

The men then, quite calmly, picked Danny up and began heading towards the park gates. In the cold air Danny could feel his thighs chill as his piss cooled. He also became aware of another sensation that was completely at odds with his predicament. A slow warm heat was spreading through his groin and his heart was speeding up. His nipples also felt very warm and Danny realised that he was in danger of becoming aroused. In spite of himself Danny’s dick was sporting a semi and this was clearly visible as it tented out the fabric of his wet pants. The man carrying Danny’s feet noticed this and smiled knowingly but did not comment.

At the gates of the park a black transit van stood waiting. Another man was seated at the wheel and he got out and opened up the side door so that the two men could haul their protesting captive into the back of the van. The floor was boarded with wood and the back of the van was empty. Danny rolled around, struggling to free himself. He was now petrified about what these men were going to do with him as this was clearly no mugging. He was also painfully aware of his fully hard dick and the sensations coursing through him. He rolled on his front to try and hide his erection, causing his manhood to bump painfully against the floor and drawing a groan from the muscular lad.

The men got into the front of the van and they began to drive. Danny couldn’t see where they were going and could only focus on the unwanted stimulation that was becoming more intense by the second. His angry grunts had subsided completed, replaced by moans as his dick rubbed against the floor of the van. The ball gag in his mouth was so large that soon great quantities of dribble were dripping down his chin and Danny found that, without realising it, he was grinding his hard-on against the wood floor.

As the van progressed on its journey Danny’s need to cum became more and more pressing. He tried to control himself but, as soon as he relaxed his will for even a second, he found himself humping the floor with his engorged cock and grunting rhythmically. He tried to reach around to grab himself but his arms were secured so thoroughly that he could do nothing but flail ineffectually at himself. Sweat from his efforts was pouring off him.

The van pulled over and the three men got out. The side door was wrenched open and Danny was dragged out into the cold night air. One of the men laughed and pointed to the shaking lad’s massively tented, and still damp, crotch.

“He’s leaking pre-cum like a good ‘un”. The other men agreed and the short man reached down and gave Danny’s dick a playful tweak, causing the lad to arch his body and cry out from behind his gag for release. Danny was carried unceremoniously into what looked like a massive mansion. Inside was warm and Danny’s only impression was of wealth. Wood panelling and artworks adorned the passageway as he was lugged onward into the body of the house. Eventually the three men and their cargo reached a large lounge, lit by a fire burning in a huge fireplace. High-backed chairs were dotted around the room and, in the one closest to the fire sat an old man of about 70 in a smoking jacket. An area of the carpet had been covered with plastic and it was onto this that Danny was finally deposited, shaking and red-faced from a combination of his need to orgasm, and his fear and embarrassment.

The old man leaned over to study his new arrival intently, causing Danny to blush even further and to try to shuffle around so his arousal and wetness were not so obvious. He could smell his own piss and wondered if the others could also.

“Oh yes! He’ll do perfectly, let me get a better look at him” The old man waved a hand languidly at the three henchmen and immediately one of them approached Danny with a knife and started cutting off the beefy lad’s coat. Danny shrank away from the knife as another of the men knelt down and undid his wet shoelaces and pulled off both shoes and socks. Within minutes, and with a lot of handiwork from the knife, Danny was naked apart from the hated tracksuit bottoms and the old man whistled appreciatively as he took in his hunky captive’s hairy chest and bulging biceps as they strained uselessly against the cable ties that secured him.

“Welcome to my home dear boy. I’ve been looking for a new servant for some time and physically you seem like the perfect fit. Obviously I can understand that you may not wish to participate but I can assure you that you’ll soon come to realise that failure to obey will result in a vast array of unpleasantness for you.”

The old man reached over and rang a small silver bell from the table at his side. A door opened a minute later and two men entered. One was clearly another of the old man’s goons but the other man made Danny break out in goosebumps and shout with fear from behind the gag.

The goon took his companion by the arm and propelled him across the room gently but firmly. As they entered the light Danny could see the full extent of the man’s situation and shuddered in revulsion. The man was brawny and muscular but didn’t appear to have a single hair on his body or head. His arms were tied tightly to his thighs meaning that he was unable to straighten up completely and his hands were secured in what looked like balls of leather. He was gagged and a small chain securing his ankles meant that he could not move quickly. The man was also completely naked except for a large diaper which was contained within a pair of transparent shiny plastic pants. A metal collar was fastened around the man’s powerful neck and, upon this collar, was fitted a small box or device.

The man waddled across the room, for he could walk no other way due to the thickness of the diaper at his thighs, and was brought to a halt in front of the captive rugby player. The two men made eye contact and Danny could clearly discern the man’s eyes beseeching him for aid. The old man spoke;

“I’ve had James here for about a year but recently he has become, well, unreasonable. Six months breaking him in and this is how he repays me. Ah well, never mind I have you now don’t I?” The old man’s expression changed to one of childlike malevolence and he produced a small remote control from the folds of his smoking jacket. The helpless diaper-stud’s eyes widened in terror and he began to try and shout through the rubber ball in his mouth. Danny was horrified but transfixed by the scene in front of him as the old man pressed a couple of buttons on the remote in spite of the brawny captive’s protestations.

A tiny light blinked on the collar and the hapless hunk shuddered and groaned. His eyes glazed over as he became focused on some inner struggle and his knees shook as he squatted a little lower in front of the wet, and still aroused, rugby player. Without wanting to Danny found his eyes drawn to the man’s diaper and watched as his fellow captive slowly began to sport a sizeable erection under the fluffy white material. Suddenly Danny realised that the unwanted hard-on that the diapered thug had developed was not the source of his discomfort. A glance at the man’s face revealed that he was beset by a totally different predicament. Danny looked into the hunk’s eyes as sweat broke out on his brow and realised that his fellow captor was fighting with all his might to avoid shitting himself. This thought was confirmed seconds later as an enormous fart erupted into the confines of the diaper. Shouting for help from behind his gag the man squatted still lower and his face reddened from the effort of resisting voiding his bowels. His knees were still shaking violently and more farts were heard by the assembled throng as the old man chuckled.

Danny was horrified by what he was witnessing and, sneaking a quick look down at himself, mortified that he was still rampantly hard in spite of what was occurring. Eventually, it became apparent that the man was losing his battle and was shitting himself where he stood for the amusement of the old man. A goon was instructed and the diapered man was slowly turned so that all could watch as the rear of the diaper began to distend, the unfortunate brute huffing and puffing with effort even as he clearly lost his fight for control of his bowels.

Eventually, it was over. Even through the thick puffy fabric of the diaper, it was obvious that the guy had shat out a massive load and he was turned again slowly so that the old man could get a good look at his captive’s humiliated face. Another button was pressed on the cursed remote and, with no effort to stop himself such was his exhaustion; the front of the man’s diaper was flooded with acrid yellow piss. Eventually the broken man stood in front of the room, his diaper sagging massively from the effluent that filled it, his erection now much more obvious. A casual wave of the remote and the man stiffened in his bonds and began crying out rhythmically behind the gag as he slowly and inexorably approached an unwanted orgasm over which he had no control. Minutes later the shaking hulk yelled out as he pumped wave after wave of spunk into his wet garment. Finally, drained, he slumped to his knees in front of Danny, shuddering as he finished his exhausting ejaculation.

“Changing station sir?” asked one of the goons.

“No, I think we’ll leave him to stew for a day or so – so he can Think About What He’s Done!” the old man smiled. Danny felt he might throw up. The stench emanating from the broken man in front of him was overpowering. His mind was whirl of horror and he knew he had to get away from this awful place but he had no idea how to break free.

The old man turned his attention back to the young rugby player.

“I hope this has been a useful lesson to you, my dear boy. If you displease me then similar punishments await you. But I’m sure you’ll behave just admirably won’t you?” Danny felt a tear run down his cheek as he squirmed in his bonds.

“Now, let’s get you all ready to go shall we?” Two goons picked Danny up by the armpits and began to drag him from the room. He looked back and the last thing he saw as the big oak doors closed on the lounge was the brawny guy slumped, weeping silently, in front of the old man who lovingly stroked his bald head as he whispered to his soggy slave. It was too much and Danny’s body became dead weight as he passed out cold.

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