Danny part two

Danny was awakened by something prodding at his toe. He came to slowly at first then jolted to full consciousness as he remembered where he was and what he had seen. His hands and feet were still restrained by the cable ties but he now wore a collar of metal linked to a short chain and embedded into the wall. The thing that had been nudging him was the toe of the man he’d seen tormented earlier and it was clear that touching toes was all they would be able to do as they were both similarly shackled with collars and chains set into the walls of the tiny room they now occupied. Both were attached to opposite walls.

Danny’s next sensation was an aching in his jaw where the ball gag had once been. He was glad to be free of the cursed thing and able to speak again, a freedom his compatriot was denied as he still sported the gag he’d been wearing earlier.

The other man, Danny remembered him being called James, was still wearing the disgusting diaper that had by now stained appallingly as a result of the prolonged exposure to his own waste. His hands were still bound in the ball-like mittens but were now tied behind his back. The helpless rugby stud could see that James still had the tiny electronic device attached to his collar and wondered if he too had one attached to his neck and what it might be capable of making him do. James was making soft grunting noises towards Danny and appeared to be trying to tell him something. It was clear that he was trying to communicate something to Danny but whatever he wanted the muscular 21-year-old to know was incomprehensible to Danny.

Danny looked down at himself and winced. Gone were the tracksuit bottoms and all he wore were his tight, once white, briefs; now stained yellow in the front with his piss. He too seemed to be wearing the leather mittens which kept his hands completely helpless, not that he could do much with them anyway, tied behind his back as they were. The only saving grace was that his unwanted erection had finally dissipated.

“What the fuck man?” James shook his head violently, his eyes widening.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me mate. Calm down.”

The bullish man shackled opposite him looked to be panicking and Danny suddenly realised that the little light on James’ collar was blinking.

“Shit. What are they doing to you?” Danny was alarmed. “Are they doing something to you?” James groaned and struggled and Danny suddenly heard a muffled fart from his fellow captor.

“Oh god – not again – they can’t do this to you here can they!?” James expression was locked into a rictus of effort as more gas was clearly expelled from the helpless man. “You can’t have any left in you surely?”

Too late Danny realised that it was his voice that was activating the collar James was wearing and that he was the source of the anguish that James was experiencing as he clearly grew closer to losing control again and soiling himself once more. The sturdy rugby player clammed up immediately but apparently it was too late as the light continued to flash and the brawny stud opposite him continued to fight the urge to shit. Danny wanted to give the guy his dignity but he couldn’t look away as James huffed and puffed around the gag and inexorably lost control. Danny watched with sick fascination as the swollen diaper slowly bulged out further, testing the limits of the see-through plastic pants. After a few tense minutes it was over and Danny’s cell-mate was slumped exhausted against the wall. His diaper now resembled a shiny balloon but not one in any colours that Danny would want to see.

Danny wanted to talk but did not dare. Even without the hated gag he was still effectively rendered mute in case he put James through some other dreadful torment. He remained quiet and began wondering at what point people might notice he was missing. He was just trying to remember if the park had CCTV when the door opened and a goon entered the cell carrying a large bag with some sort of nozzle attached to it. Fighting the urge to shout Danny sat in abject silence and waited to see what would occur.

The goon approached him and quickly took a gag from his back pocket and secured it in Danny’s mouth. The gag was different from the previous one the lad had worn and had a hole in the middle of the big ball. To this gag the man then attached the nozzle and he then reached up and hooked the large bag onto a hanging chain nearby. Almost instantly Danny felt some sort of paste that tasted of strawberries entering his mouth. He let out a muffled cry and quickly realised that if he didn’t swallow this substance then he would surely choke on it. He marshalled his strength and gulped down the paste, aware even as he did so that his mouth was filling with yet more of the stuff.

The goon straightened up and left the room. However, on the way out he turned back and shouted,

“˜I hope you enjoy your lunch kiddo!” then left giggling to himself. The effect on James was instant – the light on his collar went into overdrive and Danny watched as James clearly struggled for a moment before bucking in his bonds in a way that let Danny know that the big man was being forced to cum again. The outline of James’ dick was just visible through the thickness of the diaper and, as he moved to try and gain relief, the big padded mess squished audibly. Danny could see that the contents of the diaper were being spread around James’ crotch area but he knew that the man opposite him was helpless to stop his squirming. James shouted out as he came again into the fetid mess before sagging back, utterly spent.

Danny continued to swallow the paste and it kept coming to the point that, an hour later, he felt quite unwell. His belly was distended from the volume of the stuff and he struggled to find a comfortable position to try and ease the sensation of fullness.

Finally the paste ran out. His co-captive had fallen into an exhausted sleep and Danny felt himself drifting off also – feeling tired from the sheer volume of foodstuff he had ingested. He thought he’d only closed his eyes for a moment but when he woke it was apparent that he’d been out for the count as the gag had been removed. James was also gone and Danny felt very alone and vulnerable.

The door opened and the old man and a goon entered the room. Danny recoiled from him as if he were poison, drawing a chuckle from the old boy.

“Now then, is that any way to treat your host? I hope you’re feeling rested dear boy as I’m about to begin your obedience training – won’t that be fun?!”

The goon moved behind Danny and lifted him by his armpits, positioning him so that he ended up kneeling in front of his captor. A deft piece of work behind him and the goon had Danny trapped in this position as he tied Danny’s feet to his wrists. The old man moved until his crotch was directly in front of the hapless rugby stud’s face.

“Lesson one – give me what I need whenever I need it. It’s quite straightforward really. I want you to suck me off right here and now please.” The old man undid his flies and began to rummage in his trousers. Danny’s eyes bulged out of his head at what he’d been told to do and his anger broke.

“Get the fuck away from me you creepy old git! I’m not touching your fucking diseased old piece you sick fucker!” The old man sighed theatrically and then looked the red-faced lad straight in the eye and withdrew a remote control from his pocket. He deftly pressed a button or two and then stepped back to watch the show.

Danny suddenly felt as if he needed the mother of all dumps. His bowels immediately felt full to bursting and he could feel an enormous faecal movement begin to work its way towards expulsion.

“Ohhh! How are you doing this to me!? Unnnghh! Please stop this! I can’t hold it, I’m gonna shit my pants!”

The weight in Danny’s bowels was overwhelming and he could feel an enormous log pushing unrelentingly at his arsehole. He found himself bouncing in place as he tried to maintain control and not fill his briefs in front of this old maniac but he knew it was a losing battle. The goon behind him cackled and pointed out that which Danny already feared – he was touching cloth. Even as he tried to marshal some strength to keep the inevitable from happening, the muscular lad knew that he was powerless to stop the onslaught.

“Please! I’m doing it! Help meee… oufff!”

Danny felt his sphincter open for a moment in spite of his best efforts and he could feel a turd push its way into his cotton briefs, stretching them out and leaving him with a small but obvious knob in the back of his pants. Sweat poured down his face as he saw himself, as he had seen James before him, struggling to hold on to his self-control and avoid soiling himself, to order! for the old man before him. The goon behind him laughed openly at the bulge appearing in Danny’s underwear and pissed himself laughing still further when Danny farted and inadvertently pushed a much bigger turd into his pants.

“You… ahuh… bastards! ahuhâ… ohhhhhh!…” Danny lost control completely and he slumped as he felt wave after wave of shit pouring out into his now quite stretched briefs, pushing them down so he could feel the top of his arse-crack exposed. His pants slowly filled and, when the reach of their elasticity was exhausted, they acted to spread the shit around, starting by squishing it up and under Danny’s balls. This went on for at least a minute and the strapping lad was left panting with effort and unable to move lest he squish the effluent up against himself further.

The old man applauded with glee as the lad relentlessly crapped himself – even as Danny begged for the vile punishment to stop and, with the touch of a button, brought proceedings to a close. Snot ran from Danny’s nose as he hung his head and wept. The stench of his bowels was awful and he knew now that this old guy had almost total control over his most private of bodily functions. What the hell would the old man do next?

The old man and his goon left the room, leaving Danny to wallow in his own filth and the deepest shame he had ever experienced in his young life.

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