Danny and his Dad

Danny lifted the lid of his Dad’s laundry basket and rummaged about until he found what he was looking for – a pair of pants waiting for the wash. He found a white pair of briefs and when he looked inside there was a yellow stain in the front, and a large brown skidmark in the back. He buried his nose in the brown stain and sniffed – the smell of his Dad’s shit mixed with that unmistakeable musky arse aroma made his cock hard in his own pee-stained briefs. He was also bursting for a pee – he’d been holding it for 5 hours and was desperate to let it go.
Danny was 22, blond with blue eyes and loved older men. He had fallen for his Dad, Greg, a year ago in the local club. Greg was 45 with a spectacular hairy chest and the most gorgeous smile Danny had ever seen. They both liked getting dirty too – watching each other shit and peeing on each other was a regular occurrence. Danny also liked wearing nappies and pull-ups, and being changed by his Dad.
Sometimes when Danny was alone in the house he liked to find a pair of his Dad’s used pants and wank while getting off on the man-smells. Now desperate for a pee, he went into the bathroom and stripped off – his cock stood to attention as he walked into the shower cubicle. He still wanted to hold his pee for a bit longer so he stepped into his Dad’s pants and pulled them up. He started to slowly wank his cock through the thin cotton with his left hand while he explored his arsehole with his right index finger.
He knew he needed to shit as well, and felt around for the end of the turd nestling in his rectum. He could feel the knobbly end and gently pushed it with his finger so that he could feel it moving up and down. The urge to pee was now painful so Danny stopped wanking, pulled the briefs below his balls and concentrated on letting his pee flow. He waited for what seemed like forever as the urge got even more painful but finally a jet of pee shot out of his cock. This was followed by a steady stream which Danny directed all over himself, revelling in the hot liquid and even taking a few gulps in his mouth.
As the flow of pee finally subsided Danny felt the urge to push his turd out. He made sure the briefs were pulled up tight and relaxed his sphincter to let the turd slide out. He felt his arse slowly expand as the solid turd began to emerge from his hole. He put his hand on the back of the briefs and could feel the warm turd pushing its way out. It continued to slide out and Danny could feel it begin to force its way under his balls as the material resisted its advance. The turd became a little softer but finally it was completely out and Danny’s cock was stiffer than he could ever remember. He slid down the wall of the shower and sat on the floor. The turd squashed around his balls and cock, and further up this arse crack.
He touched his erect cock through the pants and only managed a couple of tugs before it was enough to make him shoot his spunk all over the inside of the filthy briefs.
Danny felt amazing as he leant back and closed his eyes. Then he heard a familiar voice, “Has Danny been a dirty boy then?” Danny opened his eyes and looked up at the older man, who was smiling, “Sorry Dad…”

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  1. What an odd fantasy!
    I have always liked older men but I cannot imagine anything more off putting than being involved with a member of the family. I am quite sure that my father would have found the idea equally disgusting.

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