Dan and the speedo pt.2

Upon request, this story is a continuation of my popular “Dan, the speedo, and the school record” story.  Before I begin this story, I will summarize that one, and for those of you who never read that story, I highly suggest reading it anyways, just because the details make the story.  Anyways, as my reader’s recall, my first story where Dan is introduced, he is a typical musclehead high school jock with a stunning body and great looks, and of course, an equally impressive cock to go with it.  To recap Dan’s situation in the first story, Dan had an incident where he was swimming at a very intense swim meet to break a school record and then after the race had to desperately to take a very large dump that he could barely hold in.  The bathroom Dan tried to make it to ended up being locked and because of the massive size of the poop he had to take, combined with the desperation and post-race environment, he ended up pooping a very huge load entirely into his speedo by desperation accident and then was stuck with no way to get back to the locker room without it being visible.  Dans friend came to rescue with his robe, and Dan even had an encounter with his crush who almost came very close to finding out about Dans accident. Dan got in the locker room and ended up having another urge to poop and waited until the team left to do so, so no one saw that he pooped his speedo.  Instead of going poop in the toilet, Dan got the idea to add onto the load and poop his speedo on purpose.  Dan did so in the showers of his locker room and also engaged in sitting in the load and getting pleasure from it. 


So this is where the new story begins… Since Dan pooped his speedo in the first story, he has had urges to do this again and finally decided to take advantage of his parents being gone to do it.  Dan held in his poop for one full day on a Thursday and Friday night was when he was planning to poop his speedo again.  Dan ate very heavily Thursday and Friday.  Dan wanted to feel that desperation urgency to make it feel like an accident, so during Friday 7th and 8th period he ate some fiber bars in between class.  The bars started to kick in towards the end of 8th period and the urgency to go poop intensified as school let out and Dan tries to make it home to poop his very large built up load into two old speedos he took from a box of speedos his coach gave him.  This story starts now as Dan is approaching home in extreme desperation….


As Dan turned the corner into his driveway, instincts kicked in… and kicked in hardcore.  Dan pretty much everyday comes home from school and takes a very large dump from consumption of just his lunch and breakfast that day…. Sometimes he even gets to poop at school before practice, and even then its still instinct for him to have even an average size poop when he comes home.  Never since Dan hit puberty has his dumps been small or below average.  Dans huge afterschool dumps for when he has to hold it all day are just from breakfast and lunch of that day.  Dan now has at least double that, plus a large dinner and snacks from the night before and the four fiber bars he ate during 7th and 8th period.  The rumbling of his colon he felt during 8th period feels like nothing compared to the end product now.  All that rumbling was just scraping more off the insides of Dans intestines and adding more bulk to his already almost triple sized dump he had to take.


Dan pulls into the driveway and the instinct to have to poop is way stronger than it’s ever been before.  Dan is glad he put the speedo on during 8th hour, because he is not even sure if he will make it inside.  In fact, Dan wonders if he maybe should have put on the size M speedo instead of the small one he is wearing now.  To make is smaller, Dan’s large penis is very full and throbbing at this point in anticipation of the massive load that is about to fill up the back of his speedo and make the fabric around Dan’s outlined huge cock even tighter than it already is.


Dan shuts off the car and quickly unbuttons just the front of his pants… the huge throbbing erection he has was getting to be too much and he had to at least unbutton his jeans and give it some room.  Dan waited a second and tried to find a pause in his extreme urges to be able to even stand up.  Dan worries if he even lifts his butt up that the load is prematurely going to all come out at once while he’s still in his jeans, and Dan wants to only be just in his speedo.  A very urgeful grumble happens and Dan grimaces thinking he might poop anyways, even though he is sitting down.  Dan winces as his colon violently rumbles and makes whining noises, but it passes.  Dan opens his eyes.  He knows he only has a matter of seconds before the urges come back.  Dan gets up, grabs his bookbag and waddles towards the garage door.  Sure enough, the urges came back within seconds.  Dan is breathing heavy and doesn’t think he will get inside.  Luckily Dan’s garage has a bathroom in it for when him and his dad are working in the shop and there is tons of vintage mirrors in the garage as well.  Dan wonders if he should just poop his speedo out in the garage.  As Dan thinks about that for a second, a very large colon rumble followed by a muffled fart uncontrollably comes out of Dans backside… his colon has had enough, and with the fart came the head of his load.  Dan feels his anus widen uncontrollably and can feel the start of load making its way out.  Dans colon was so packed full of poop that it uncontrollably pushed out some poop to make room for more.


Dammit!  Dan says as he pinches the load off last second, barely.  Dan squeezes his butt together as hard as he can and with little motion tries to drop his pants…. He does successfully, but he knows he only has a few seconds, as the pressure is really great. Dan shuffles over to a mirror so he can get a view of what’s about to happen.


Dan positions himself in front of the mirror and sees the little lump of poop and outline of his hard buttocks clenching.  Dan know the second he unclenched his buttocks, the poop was going to instantly fill his speedo.


Dan felt one more urgent groan and then unclenched his butt checks.  In a second, the little mound of poop quickly doubled and tripled in size.  Dan was not even really pushing; he was pooping his speedo uncontrollably.  This lasted about 10 seconds; Dan was releasing a very large, but soft turd.  When it came out it quickly tented out the bottom of his speedo with length, but there was so much poop left for Dan to poop out and so little fabric in his speedo.  Luckily the poop was soft and after it tented out and dragged Dan’s speedo down about 5 inches, it started folding over.  This was just all the poop that uncontrollably left Dans bottom.  He still had a very large urge to poop, as much more poop was left in his rectum.  Dan’s cock was throbbing as he saw the distance the uncontrolled poop left in his speedo.  The soft turd only folded slightly at the bottom, leaving a bunch of negative space, 5 inches of it, for Dan to fill with the remainder of his load that he still had the urge to poop out.  Dan adjusts the speedo where it touching his butt.  Because of his massive erection in front, the speedo is very tight.  Dans erection felt better by the second as he saw how perfectly the first part of his load feel in place giving him room to continue filling up and packing the extra small speedo with his extra large load of poop.  The top of the turd folded down a little as Dan adjusted.  It softly and with some mushy crackling sounds found a home on the top of the bottom part of the already folded turd that was trying to fit its way into Dan’s small speed whatever way it could.  Now Dan’s speedo was not only sagging, but it had width now that the turd sat folded towards the bottom.  Dan could feel the very top of it brushing up against his butt and he could physically feel how heavy it was.  This speedo happened to have an adjustable band on it.  Dan tightened it as tight as could; not wanting to load to sag down so much that he couldn’t feel it anymore.  As he tightened it, the turd pressed up more against his butt, which made Dan more excited.  Dan is ready to release the rest of his monster load.


Dan exhales and a mountain of softer shapeless poop follows.  Dan turns around and he can see new mounds forming on the budging fabric trying to hold in his poop load.  With every second and crackle a new mound shows up and the load slowly begins sagging down, even with the waistband fully tightened.  Because the waistband is tightened, instead of a full sag, the load just starts to grow out more as Dan pushes more and more poop into his tight speedo.  Dan can feel it working its way up his butt and into his balls.  Dan moves his hips a little to the side and alarmingly notices that the speedo is starting to give way and that even though he cant feel the fabric on his backside anymore due to the massive volume of poop packed in his speedo, the speedo is no longer touching his butt by his legs.  Dan got a little glimpse of his load, but did not want any of it to fall out and he still had a feeling to poop more.  Dan has control of the load, as he knows there’s probably only one more average size poop left in his rectum.  Very carefully Dan gets the medium sized speedo out of his bag and wiggles his feet into it.  Given Dans erection, the small speedo maybe could have held the huge load, but what fun would that be if he wasn’t super turned on.  The tighter the speedo, the better.


Dan carefully got the speedo up to his thighs… as he approached his butt, he knew he’d have to be careful as a very large and pushed out load was on his backside.  Dan used both of his hands to make the butt of the speedo very stretched out and he carefully pulled it up and started to cover the load.  As he worked his way up over the butt trying to get the extra speedo on, he could feel the load getting more contained and pushed up to his butt the more he pulled the speedo up.  Dan completely got the speedo up over his butt and turned around and saw his load was completely contained now with the medium speedo covering it.  Now Dan just had to get the speedo over his front and contain his cock more.  As Dan pulled it the front of the speedo up, making the cock containment tighter, Dan got super excited again and shuttered a little at the tight feeling of both his cock and his monster load pressed up against his butt.  He turned around and loved how the load looked.  It was almost unbelievable.  It looked like a sagging smashed up grapefruit and stuck out about 5 inches and sagged the same length.  It was so much poop and Dan wasn’t even done.


Dan had one more good round out of him.  Dan grabbed his throbbing cock over the fabric of his two tight speedos.  He begins rubbing it as he pushes out the last of the load.  Some soft but deep rumbles accompany his pushing and Dan can feel the load that should be out of control at this point stay contained as it just continues to push itself out further and with each second of growth, Dan can feel more and more poop being pressed up against his balls and butt.  Dan gives one last push as he feels the poop load on his buttcrack and then exhales.


Dans heart rate is up like crazy and even though he stopped, he can still hear the crackling of the massive poop load as it sags around in his speedo trying desperately to find space in the tight little speedo that’s packed to absolute capacity with poop.  In fact, even with the medium speedo, the fabric was barely touching Dan’s butt.  He almost overfilled two speedos.  Dan knew the first speedo was complete toast.


Remembering how good it felt to sit down, Dan REALLY wanted to sit on this massive load, but wasn’t sure how he could do it.  Dan thought of his backyard the lake and decided to go there.  Dan makes a move to walk and can feel the load press up and down against him more with his walking strides.  Dan feels kind of embarrassed as he walks outside, praying the neighbors don’t see him.


Dan gets to the end of the dock and there are stairs that lead down into the water.  Luckily the water isn’t too cold.  Dan’s cock is REALLY throbbing in anticipation now.


Dan walks down and his feet touch the bottom of the lake.  At standing level, Dan is tall enough that his knees up are above water and if he sat down on the first step, he would still be above water completely.  It was the perfect height, as he could easily splash up water to get rid of the mess.


Dan stood over the first step with the bottom of his feet in the water.  He tightened the waistband one more time to feel the load in its full capacity, and then he began to slowly sit down.  The sagging load was touching the stair step before Dan was even close to sitting down.  Dan felt the head of the load plop onto the stair and with every inch he moved his butt closer, the load started to push up and begin spreading out.


The inches between the stair surface and Dans pooped loaded speedo got closer and the massive poop load started coming up Dan’s backside and up the front of his speedo, engulfing his balls and base of his penis even, in mushy warm poop.  Dan was shuddering with pleasure.  Dan has a good 2 inches still to sit down and there was still a bit of the poop mound left that was going to squish all out once he sat down.  Dan wanted to feel the load more on his balls than coming out his backside, so with the remaining load mound left, Dan raised his butt a little and continued to sit down at an angle where the rest of it would squish up and come out where his balls are in the front of his speedo.  This felt so good to Dan.  Dan uncontrollably groaned in extreme pleasure as he relaxed his butt muscles now that he was completely sitting down in his warm mushy poop load.  This felt so good that Dan actually started cumming in his speedo before he even getting his cock out.  Dan’s eyes were closed and head back and he groaned as his massive cock unloaded a large volume of oozing cum into the front of his tight speedo.  Dan didn’t even mind and actually thought it felt good.  Dan’s cum load kept coming out and soaking the front of his speedo.


The semen stopped, but the orgasm tingles lingered, for awhile.  Dan sat motionless with no other feeling but extreme pleasure and euphoria. In fact if Dan tried to even touch around his penis, it probably would have hurt with the sensitivity the extreme amount of pleasure that just happened.


After several moments, the high comes down and Dan opens his eyes and gets back to reality.  Dan looks down and sees how extremely messy his speedo is, not just in poop, but in semen as well.  The insides of Dan’s legs are sticky and messy from both of these, never mind how incredibly messy his backside obviously was.  Dan gets up and plops down into water… he walks out a little bit until the water is deeper, each step leaving a trail behind of his load as the lingering smashed pieces of it stuck to his bottom break off.  Dan gets to a deep enough end and takes off both speedos.  There is still a large flat and firm mound of the poop that cakes the inside lining of the first speedo.  Dan turns it inside out and empties the load out.  Most of Dans load sinks to the bottom of the lake, but the part that is floating he splashes away.    He used the wet speedo to brush off any poop stuck between his butt and balls.  When Dan sees his bottom and everything is free of poop he swims back to the stairs and uses the speedo once again as a wet washcloth to wash away the stain and poopmarks sitting down left on the first stair.  Dan gets the evidence of the poop off the stairs and again shakes out his speedos to make sure no more poop traces were left on it.  The speedos smelled VERY strongly of poop and were incredibly stained, even with no more poop left in them.  Dan knew he had to put one of them on to at least walk back to garage.  Since the outside medium speedo was less stained, Dan chose that one.  Dan felt a little embarrassed as he walked back to the garage hoping no one saw him walking around in the poop stained speedo, but then he felt a little better knowing it would be more embarrassing if someone saw him on his way out to the lake with the same speedo jam packed full of poop and a throbbing erection to go along with it.


Dan gets back into the garage and grabs a towel. He takes off the speedo and opens the garage garbage.  There is a crinkled up smelly McDonalds bag in the bottom of the garbage.  Dan not wanting any evidence to his parents or anyone showing that he purposely poops himself in speedos for pleasure takes the smelly Mcdonadls bag and shoves the speedos in them.  He hope the smell of fast food grease overtakes the smell of a set of washed out pooped-in speedos.


Dan knowing his butt still smells like poop goes instead to take a real shower.  Dan lathers with soap several times and then gets out.  About to put boxer briefs on, Dan opts for another speedo.  Dan sprays the inside of a fresh new speedo with some deodorant body spray, just to safe that the poop smell is gone from his bottom.  As Dan comes into his room, with just the speedo and a cutoff lifting shirt on, all shower fresh, he falls backside into his bed and instantly falls asleep into a nap.


A few hours later and several good dreams about loading up poopy speedos, Dan awakes with an erection waiting for him in his real-life speedo he is wearing now.  Dan smiles, grabs a tissue, takes his massive cock out of his speedo and ends his day jacking off.

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