Daddy’s Dirty Mind-Part 3

Daddy squatted down in front of me, handing me the bottle as he removed my ball gag “Eat up, Pet. Don’t want you to go to bed hungry.” He said softly in my ear, a slightly mischevious tone in his voice. I hadn’t noticed and sat on my knees so my diaper wouldn’t shmush the warm shit against me anymore. I downed the liquid food, feeling Daddy’s hand on my shoulder. He pushed me down roughly, making me sit in the shit that coated myself. I whimpered and moved around, trying to get out of his grasp. Daddy frowned at me, forcing me to finish the food before picking me up andd bending me over the couch “Bad girl, you don’t resist me.” He growled and spread my legs “Stay here exactly like this. If you move, I won’t let you take the diaper off for another week.” He warned, going to the bedroom.

I waited for him patiently, sniffling as I thought about what my punishment would be. Daddy walked back with hand cuffs, nipple clamps with weights, and a paddle. I gasped and wiggled again “Please, Daddy, don’t! I’ll be a good girl, Please!” I told him, gasping as I felt the urge to piss. I always got the feeling when I saw the clamps and the paddle. Daddy pulled me up by my hair and smacked my diapered front, right where my pussy was. He put the clamps on me and tugged them, making me cry out “Bad girl. You won’t be out of the diaper anytime soon.” He told me and pulled me to the dining room, making me bend over the chair so the weights pulled my sensitive nipples. Daddy rubbed my paddle on my thighs teasingly “You are such a little slut. Piss yourself, I know you need to.” He commanded and I whimpered, spreading my legs and relaxed. The piss slowly trickled out of me, making the shit soft in my soiled diaper. I felt a hard smack on my diapered ass, the padding was thin so it didn’t stop most of the pain. Daddy spanked me 24 times as I pissed, making my ass red and making me cry softly. I felt his other hand force the ball gag into my mouth and strap it in. I felt the shit go into my pussy and cried harder, hating the feeling. When I finished pissing the diaper started to leak.

Daddy pulled me to the bathroom and sat me on the toilet “Spread your legs, I’m putting another diaper on you and some plastic pants.” He told me and I did as told, feeling the second diaper go over the soiled first. He pulled the pink plastic pants on over it and patted my head “Look at you. A little, slutty baby. I hope you have fun at work tomorrow. I have just the outfit for you to wear.” TBC

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