Daddy’s Dirty Mind-Part 2


I whimpered and bucked my hips as I felt another wave hit me. I needed to shit. Badly. I had tears in my eyes as I pushed my cheeks together and clenched my anus shut ‘I won’t shit shut my diaper, I won’t shit my diaper.’ I thought the mantra over and over, the diaper I had on was already soaked with my piss. I just hoped I didn’t have a soft, mushy turd inside me. I gasped around the gag and let tears fall as I lost control, my anus opened quickly and a large log pushed into my padded wall. I tried to stop the log as it kept coming out, filling my diaper up. I cried as I felt it break off, another quickly moving from inside me and into my dirty and now sagging diaper. I got on all fours and covered my face in shame as the shit started moving toward my pussy, which was starting to get slicked with arousal, Daddy watching from a few feet away. Daddy picked me up when I finished, pulling mw to the living room and forcing to sit in the corner “What a naughty girl, shutting and pissing herself like a baby. Stay here until I finish making dinner.” He commanded and left me there in the soiled diaper. The shit shot was smudged under my weight, spreading across my small ass and up to my pussy, I cried harder as it teased my entrance and rubbed my clit. I rocked in it slightly, making some of my shit move past my leg opening and down my exposed skin.

Daddy finished making dinner after a half hour, he had made me pancakes and put them in the blender, pouring the liquid into a cup before putting syrup and his jizz that had taken extra five minutes to jack off into the cup. Little did I know he snuck a laxative into my dinner.


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