Daddy’s Dirty Mind-Part 1


I laid down on Daddy’s bed in my usual submissive pose. I was on my knees with my hands handcuffed behind my back, my chest touching my knees with the tip of my pale nose brushing the bed. I waited for Daddy to come in, I still had on my panties that were slick and drenched with my cum, the cum that wasn’t supposed to be there since I wasn’t given permission to play with my slutty little pussy that was oh-so tight and needy.

I heard Daddy open and close the door to his bedroom, he smirked at the sight and rubbed my bum “You’ve been a bad girl. I have a punishment just for you.” He said in his husky, lust-filled tone. He pushed me onto my back roughly, spreading my legs and tearing off my panties “You’re wearing this-” He he held up a plain diaper that looked like one for a baby “For the whole week. No changing.” He said in a sadistic tone “Please, Daddy, don’t!” I pleaded, my bladder was full and the thought of wearing a diaper always turned me on. He spanked me roughly for denying before putting it on me.

I crossed my legs as he picked me up, putting a ball gag in my mouth. He put me on the floor and made me crawl around, I tried hard to keep my piss inside me, crossing and uncrossing my legs as I rocked back and forth. I couldn’t hold it any longer and released with a loud hiss, the yellow liquid was hot and being absorbed quickly. I looked to Daddy with pleading eyes, meerly recieving a chuckle and a slap on my diapers bottom “Get used to it, Baby girl. It’ll be a long week for you.”

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