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I’ve never been able to explain my fetishes to ‘normal’ people with traditional sexual interests. I can’t explain why I get aroused when I wet myself. I don’t know why I get more pleasure from sitting down in my own mess than I’ve ever got from putting my penis in someone’s mouth. I have no way of justifying the things I’ve done in pursuit of sexual exploration and there is no rational explanation for my bizarre sexual desire.

I stopped trying to rationalize and justify what I was doing a long time ago. My early experiences were tainted with guilt, shame and disappointment, but even the consequences, the negative emotion and difficult experiences wasn’t enough to stop me doing it again. I quickly accepted that it wasn’t a case of logic or judgment. I couldn’t control or influence what did or didn’t excite me and I couldn’t just turn off my sexual desire.

I stopped worrying about whether what I was doing was socially acceptable. I stopped applying my moral judgment and learned behavior to my sexual exploration. I was prepared to push my sexual boundaries as far as I could on the understanding that I wouldn’t do anything that would disrupt, harm, influence or impact another person.

I learned to balance my ‘normal’ life, my friends, my job, my family commitments and my other interests with my secret, reclusive and impractical sexual practices. I carefully planned everything, including buying clothing, towels, furniture and bedding specifically for my experimental sexual exploration. I carefully planned my washing routine to ensure I didn’t draw too much attention to myself. I prepared everything I’d need to clean up, dispose of any evidence and protect my surroundings before I did anything fetish related. If I knew I was going to have a suitable opportunity to enjoy myself, I’d make sure I told everyone I’d be unavailable. I wasn’t prepared to risk one of my friends, or a family member turning up at my house while I’m pleasuring myself, covered in my own shit.

I’d plan my diet to ensure I didn’t waste an opportunity, which has ultimately resulted in me being able to dictate when I ‘need’ to poop. I can go for three days without feeling the need to poop or suffering any discomfort while I’m doing the ‘normal’ day-to-day things, but the moment I get enough space and privacy my body starts signaling that it needs to poop.

I had everything worked out. A normal, socially acceptable day-to-day existence carefully providing cover for and facilitating a dirty, exciting and incredibly satisfying secret ‘sex life’. I’d avoided relationships on the basis that I was capable of satisfying my own sexual urges and I didn’t want a relationship to impact the balance I’d worked so hard to maintain. I continued like that through my teens and into my early twenties, completing my degree without ever being caught or arousing suspicion.

I was pretty comfortable with my sexuality by then. I’d experimented enough to know exactly what I liked, how to satisfy my sexual desire and how to do it without being caught. I’d stopped feeling guilty about the things I did and I’d learned to deal with the less pleasant parts of my fetishes that used to disgust me. It started feeling increasingly routine and mundane. The sexual satisfaction was less intense than it had been and I wasn’t as excited by it all as I used to be.

I started actively trying to make it more exciting. I took more risks, I wore other people’s clothes and started using increasingly risky opportunities and environments. On one particular evening my housemate had gone to stay at his girlfriends place. Before he left he packed up a few of her bits and pieces that were lying around our house to take with him. As he was throwing some of her clothes into his bag he unknowingly dropped a pair of her panties. Before he’d even left the house I was imagining what it would be like to poop in them.

I was too busy fantasizing to think it through properly and minutes after he’d left I put them on without a second thought. I through a pair of my joggers over the top of them and went into the garden for a cigarette while I waited for my body to give the signal. The pressure started to build as soon as I lit my cigarette, and I was fighting to hold on before I’d finished smoking it. A dozen other houses overlooked our garden, and I could see one of my neighbors looking out of his window as I struggled to keep everything in. I wasn’t willing to shit myself in full view of our neighbor so I sacrificed the remainder of my cigarette and headed back in as quickly as I could. I only just managed to get the door closed behind me as I bent forwards, straining to stay in control.

The bathroom was too far away. I couldn’t risk being in a room with carpet when I let go because I’d probably piss all over the floor and I was a bit worried that the panties were too small to contain everything. I didn’t want to get poop on my joggers, so the only option was to take them off and stay in the kitchen. I barely managed to get them round my ankles before I started to lose control. I leaned forwards, resting my elbows on the kitchen counter, finally relaxing.

As I felt the back of the panties start to stretch I gently pushed. The back of the panties were instantly filled. Warm soft poop forced its way between my legs, stretching the elastic away from my legs and smothering my balls. I let out a gentle moan as I forced the last bit out into the panties before taking a moment to catch my breath. As I’m standing there in the kitchen, aroused, wearing a pair of someone else’s panties which I’ve intentionally pooped in for my own sexual pleasure I hear a car pull up on the street. Next thing I know I hear someone unlocking our front door, followed by my housemate’s voice informing me that he’s just nipped back to get his coat.

The only thing I have time to do is pull the jogging bottoms up over the poop filled panties and hope that he doesn’t notice. As he walks towards the kitchen he makes a bit of a general remark about the smell, Thankfully, he doesn’t need to get too close to me to reach his coat. He moans briefly about the time he’s wasted having to come back, throws his coat on and heads for the front door, shouting ‘bye’ as he leaves. It wasn’t until I’d had a moment to calm down that I realized just how horrifying it nearly was. There’s no acceptable explanation for intentionally shitting in a pair of his girlfriend’s panties. If he’d been a few minutes later I could have been sitting down in those panties, stroking my throbbing cock with shit smeared all over the place.

Thankfully I didn’t get caught, but it was close enough to make me think about the stupid risks I’d been taking. The reality of using someone else’s clothes for my dirty, messy, unsavory sexual pleasure was a bit of a wake-up. From then on I tried to be a little bit more responsible…

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  1. it is very strong that you lived, we all experienced as intense moments and risky especially as a girl panties that had its effect!

  2. Sounds like me, but from a male perspective. The first few paragraphs echo my life story. Thanks 🙂

  3. Yeah, same for me! I’ve been trying to explain in words how my own sexual interests and desires were born and how they affect me. You’ve done it beautifully! I’ve always had these intense needs to do things other “normal” people just wouldn’t understand let alone accept and doing things with shit and piss are my favourite and strongest taboos. They just do things for me, I can’t explain why. I’ve wanted to try them with my female partners but it’s just not on! Thank you!

  4. Your story comes very close to my own. I too quit trying to figure out why i had these desires a long time ago. I’ve also had more than a few close calls with family members stopping by for one thing or another at the wrong time. sometimes forcing me to make a mad dash for the bathroom for a speedy clean up, does tend to ruin the mood a bit.

  5. Your story echoes mine as well! I started pooping my pants round late teen age and I initially pooped my swim briefs while fucking my girlfriend. Since then I have probably shit my swim briefs well over a thousand times over the past 50 + years. At first, I wondered why I enjoy shitting my pants so much and I could not find any explanation except for sexual satisfaction. I was ashamed and thought I was some kind of freak. Now, I don’t even give it a second thought. The thought gets me highly excited. I can shit my briefs in a minute’s notice, and I will masturbate or fuck as much as necessary to achieve total satisfaction. As far as other people are concerned, I don’t ever divulge my secrets to my friends but have suggested the idea to several girlfriends with negative comments so I dropped the subject immediately. Since none were into it, I guess they thought I was a bit “weird”. But they do things that I think are weird, too. The best thing I have found is just to keep the secret to myself and if it should leak out from one of my friends or acquaintences that they are into this as well, than I will encourage them to join in with me. I am bi and I can do either way. I still enjoy what I do when I do it and I will continue pooping, peeing, and masturbating (or fucking) in my swim trunks for ever. Why do I do it? I don’t know and I don’t care except for my own enhanced sexual satisfaction. Let others think what they want but you are your own boss and you do whatever YOU feel is right.

  6. We take risks and getting caught really isn’t an option at least not for me. I lately want to do everything near pretty girls. Like at shopping malls and stores where they work. The fantasy is I am little and in diapers and making a mess and wet in them and the pretty girl is in charge of changing me. pretty girls have soft feeling hands in a pants or diaper change. I haven’t done this yet but I know it’s a matter of time and my prowess will take over and a fetish will kick in and I will be fulfilling a fantasy dream.

  7. I just read your blog, and I appreciate the detail that you give yourself, I had experiences as risky but ultimately it is the best! you see you mention it so well that I want to do a pee-pants (and poop) in a girl lace panties. thank you

  8. I really like this review, it excites me even! it reminds me of poo-panties that I also did like you

  9. I love this true story too much! you must be too excited to resist, I will have done the same …

  10. this testimony is awesome, your true story makes me love sex! and do it in a girl panties like that … wouua

  11. come back to us with your sexual stories and your videos always so realistic, come back we miss you, signed: a real FAN

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