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Hi, Thought I would tell you how my wife and I got started in our interest.  My interest in girls wetting started with my mates younger sister, who often seemed to have wet pants but no one seemed to notice or care, she would just sit there and wet her pants.  Later we progressed to the; I’ll  show you mine, you show me yours.  But that was all


Things really changed when new people moved into the house next door, two sisters one older one a bit younger than me.  I was maybe 10 or11 and was sitting on a bench with the younger, I heard a hissing sound and said what that, although I think I secretly knew.  She said it’s nothing, but I could see the pee splashing down on the ground.  She then kept talking as if nothing happened. She said a bit later that she wanted to go but was happy sitting with me so just had wee there.


A week or so later I went next door to see her and on the path around the back of the house, was a pair of panties with 2 nuggets of poo in them, that is the first time I had seen this and I became very interested.  Went inside and we were sitting on the floor and sort of pulled her up an on to my lap and sure enough , no panties.  We walked outside and she did not seem to care about her dirty panties.  She was a pretty and smart girl but a bit of a loaner, and just did what she felt like.


 A bit after this I asked her if she wanted to do a wee , because I did ,she was interested so we walked under the house and I peed in front of her, and she was watching very close. I said your turn, hoping she would take off her little green shorts so I could see hers, she said OK and stood there and wet her shorts, pee running down her legs, then took my hand and said come on lets go for a walk, she was not worried a bit and walked around till her shorts dried.  This has sparked a lifetime of interest.


Later as a 19 yo I met a girl who would eventually come  to share my interest, it was only after she had wet herself a few times she shyly  admitted to me that she had wet her self deliberately a few times earlier, the last being when she was 14 ( 4 years ago)  She was sitting with a group of friend on the grass and wanted to pee badly but did not want to get up, so wet her pants where she sat, letting out little dribbles and shifting a bit till she had finished.


So there we were one night in the back of my old landrover van, we had being going out for months and had played about a bit, but she was still a virgin.  She said to me I really have to go to the toilet, it was raining like mad outside, so I said , do it here, you will get wet and cold outside.  I had an old ice cream container with a few fist aid supplies, so I dumped that out and gave it to her,  after a little while she agreed and took off her pants, and said it might smell, I said that’s all right, thinking she wanted just to do a wee.  She and squatting over the container and did a bit of pee then did a poo, I was surprised and excited all at the same time.  I said you have done a poo, she said yes, is that alright, but her voice was really husky. 


That was the start, she would wee and sometimes poo when we were out together, She loved to hold me  when I peed and wanted me to do a poo in front of her, I was a bit reluctant but eventually did, she seemed quite excited by this.


About a month later we had been to a dance at a local club and had had a few drinks, we were walking up the street and she was fidgety, I asked what was wrong and she said she really needed to do a wee, we were in front of some lit shop window but it was very quiet, I said just do it here, she looked at me and said, in my pants.  She was wearing a skirt above the knee, and looked nice.  I said you can just pee and no one will see, she was a bit reluctant and we talked back and forth , I was really excited, she said again I really have to go, I stood there and she looked a bit funny , I looked down between her legs, and there was a few drops on the pavement. She stopped and said I can’t. 

  I encouraged her and finally she did a flood, we walked off, she was a bit shy, embarrassed, but had that low husky voice when she talked, that was the night we first made love, she was very excited and keen after what she had done.


That is it for now, very early years in our 40 years from when we first met.

 We thought we were a bit unusual, as this was the mid 70’s, no internet sites , nothing much in adult book stores, hardly any of those either.  But we enjoyed it with each other, and did not realise until many years later how popular our shared interest was.  I will post some of more of our exploits from time to time if anyone is interested.


The title, well she has curly hair and she does the second bit

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  1. I think we would all be interested to hear more. You must have had many interesting wettings and poopings over the years.

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