Curly Poo 8

Curly Poo 8
Thought I would share a bit more. We are married and the 2 boys are old enough to do things by themselves. We are on holidays on the north coast of NSW .Camped right on the beach. The boys are down at the beach
Just after lunch and Curls said would you like a beer, bit early but OK I am on Holidays.
She brings one out and I hug her and say thanks, she said if you keep squeezing me I am going to poop in my pants. So I let her go, then she says, don’t you love me enough to cuddle me. So I hold her again. She kind of leans forward and holds her breath, then I hear a sound, and I know she has pooed in her panties.
She said didn’t I tell you that if you did that I would end up pooing my pants. She had on a reasonably short summer beach dress. I lifted up her dress and sure enough there was a small poo in her pants.
She said come on lazy bones lets go for a walk, as we were walking out of the caravan park, past the amenities block I said, did you want to go in there (thinking she might want to get rid of the poo and wipe herself), she said don’t be silly, why would I want to go in there I have already done a poo.
We walk through the park and up to the main street, she talks to a few people, at a milk bar she says, don’t you think I deserve and ice cream, I buy one and we head back through the park toward the beach, she sits on a bench, kind of sideways, I am looking up her dress, she say, this ice-cream is making me cold and I feel like I need to do a wee. And does a good trickle through her pants, but I notice it is a bit brown from the little poo in her pants.
She finishes the ice cream, I asked her do you need to go to the toilet after having that, she looks at me and half closes her eyes and does more poo this one a bit softer and really filling up her pants a bit more, and you can smell it.
We head off again through the park toward a more deserted part of the beach, on the way she stops and chats to two more couples, who are unaware, that not only has she wet pants, she has pooped herself as well. She is totally unhurried, and when I look at her in the eye between talking to the first and second couple, she just smiles at me.
We finally get on to the beach, and walk a way up into the deserted area. up behind an old shipwreck, she asks. Don’t you want to do a poo? I wasn’t going to but I will now, as I turn and squat down, she watches from behind, when I am finished, she says, you have not done a proper wee. Do a wee, I am rock hard, she holds me and I am just about to come. I kind of do a dribbly bit, as that is all I can do. She looks down and says, well it is a pity to waste that, turns and bends over.
I am presented with a bum with a pair of wet pants with some hard and soft poo in them, I can smell it, but it excites me more than anything else. I slide them off her, some of the soft poo make a bit of a mark down one leg, and a bit of the soft poo is still between her cheeks I enter her easily, after a minute or so she says stop, you must be tired lay down, I do on the sand.
She straddles me and moves up and down rapidly, she was incredibly wet, but then it got warm, she was peeing as she was riding up and down, then I heard a phut sound and smelt something, I could feel something laying against my balls.
She stood up and there was a bit of soft poo in her crack, it looked beautiful, we were getting up and gathering our clothes, I motioned to her pants, and said do you want them, she said no they are dirty, why would I want dirty pants.
Bit of a splash in the surf, clothes on, her minus panties. We walk back to the caravan and the boys are back there,
Curls acts as if nothing has happened, just starts being a mummy again, the oldest one looks at me and says Dad are you alright, you look a bit funny.
Am I alright, I am better than alright.

Share your story, I would love to hear it
Till next time, enjoy each other

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  1. Great story, well told, very exciting, thank you. You are a lucky man finding Curls, a match made in heaven. Cherish her!
    In the meantime, your words excited me too much and I shot the load I was holding in for my own personal poo-play. Still, tomorrow is another day and another poo will come along 🙂 I’ll just have to re-read them all after I poop.

    Keep up the good work, you must have many other experiences to share, on behalf of the gang, we’ll always appreciate them as we read one-handed.

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