Curly Poo 7

Curly Poo 7

A more recent story in our life

Two years ago we went to the Chicago / America concert in the vineyards in NSW, outdoor venue. We had been to a few of these in the past and it had been good. Last weekend it was raining on and off.

We had Cocktails on the terrace package, so for 3 hours drinks and nibbles were included. After the music had started we made our way down to our reserved seats, plastic garden chairs arbour 12 rows back. The wet weather, rain on and off during the day must have kept some people away so we were not as jammed in as usual.

When the band were changing over my girls said, I have to go to the toilet, she had had a bit to drink but not an excessive amount, I put my had between her legs and said why don’t you do it here. She slid a bit further forward on the seat and just started peeing. Straight through her pants, had on dark colour crinkly type slacks, just sat there and did a heap of pee.

When she was finished after a minute or so stood up and started talking to the people a few seats along as if nothing had happened, she was quite wet but in the half dark it was hard to tell.

Sat in her wet pants for the rest of the concert, I had a feel a few times and was still wet.

Talked to a few more people at the finish, she really seems to enjoy doing this when she has wet herself.

When we were walking back to the car I put my hand between her legs and said, do you want to warm up pussy, she just did a little trickle.

Back at the motel same again little trickle, then said lets go outside for a minute, she sat near the pool and wet herself again. Quite a big flood in her pants sitting on the lawn chairs. Grunted a bit at the finish as well

Back in the room I knelt down in front of her pulled off her slacks and there was a delightful pee stain all over the front of her panties. The marks on the front of her panties had dried off, and there was a couple of different levels of pee stains. Turning her around and pulling off her panties, which were sopping wet, she had a little nugget of poo in her panties, and a little bit til in her bottom. I asked how long ago did you do that, her reply was just now outside.

Grabbed a couple of spare towels from the bathroom and made love straight away , although she was already juicy, she got very slippery, part way through and when I started to put my had under her bum she said , careful. She had done another small poo as we were making love.

Cheers till next time, and I would love to hear about your experiences as well

Curly poo stories, which are all true, start at curly poo, then curly poo one, I hope you enjoy reading them all

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  1. Great story. I like the fact she didn’t need any persuading – just let it flow in her pants as soon as you suggested it

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