Curly Poo 3

By now we could hardly get enough of each other, I had proposed and she had accepted but no engagement or telling parents yet.


That next weekend saw us at the pictures, as we were walking from the car to the theatre we had a big hug and I started rubbing her between the legs, she was wearing blue jeans. As I put my finger firm against her pussy, out side of her jeans she clenched her legs tight on my hand and after a few moments I could just feel a bit of wetness. We kissed again and went into to show.  We saw and advert for some exhibition houses, and decided later to both take some leave during the week, when it would be quieter and look at these houses.


Picked her up during the week and headed to the houses, she looked lovely, frilly yellow top and black jeans, platform shoes.  We were the only people in the exhibition houses at the time and we were alone in one I put my fingers between her legs and asked if she wanted to do anything.  She nodded, and for a minute or two nothing happened, I asked her did she want to go and she nodded again.  She held her breath a bit, and was bending slightly forward, then let out a little gasp and said, finished.  I was a bit puzzled as I could not feel any dampness, she walked off and I caught up with her in the next room.  I went to slide my hand down the back of her jeans and she said, careful.  I put my hand on the outside of her panties and slid it down, and there was a lump. A small poo about the size of a walnut.  I was rock had in an instant and wanted to leave.  She said no, we haven’t seen all the houses yet. 


We walked back to the salesman and she was chatting with him about the houses, all the time with a small poo in her panties, I was almost insane with desire, surprise and, I really did not know what.  All the while she calmly chatted away.


We did leave and drove off to a quiet spot at an old colliery nearby, I got out a rug and I sat down, she stood and I slid her jeans then panties down, looking straight at what she had done, I almost came just sitting there. I wanted to make love right then, but we lay together kissing and my playing with her pussy.  She started breathing quite hard and then became incredibly slippery, and then in a shaky voice, said, guess what I have done, sure enough; as I was playing with her she had done another poo, just a few nuggets.


We then made love, and the first one did not take long, we lay for a while longer and then started a more gentle lovemaking, after a little while she became excited, very wet and then quiet, she said, I think I have been naughty, I asked why, she said I think I just did a poo, I looked and said yes you did, she said I’m sorry. I wasn’t I was thrilled.


Later she said that although she didn’t mind wetting she thought she could be naughty and have no one know, so thought she would try it, she went on saying that it is incredible what people don’t realise.  What a buzz, I am taking to the salesman back there and he has no idea I have pooped my panties.  I was certainly a surprise for me, I was hoping for just a trickle in her jeans,  and this is what happened.

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