Curiosity Filled my Pants, the story of my first time

        I really can’t say why, but there I was, an otherwise normal 10 year old, out in the back yard playing with my plastic army men, and thinking about doing something that most 3 year olds are trained to not do. I was thinking about pooping in my pants. It wasn’t the first time I’d thought about doing it, in fact, I’d been wondering about what it would feel like for nearly a year. It wasn’t something I’d had any experience with since I stopped wearing underwear that was held on with safety pins. Hell, I am an only child, so I couldn’t even remember seeing a baby do it. I guess, I’d seen my cousin when she was still in diapers or something, but at that time I hadn’t been out of them very long myself, and I couldn’t remember that far back.

    None the less, there I was in the middle of “fighting the battle of the bulge” with my toy soldiers and giving serious thought to squatting and filling my Superman underpants with the poop I’d been putting off all morning. Should I or shouldn’t ?  I went back and forth several times. Twice, I started to push, and stopped. The last time, I actually felt the poop start to move, but I stopped just before it actually came out into my pants. By now, I was close to the point where it was going to happen on its own. I headed for the house to go potty.

    Then,  I decided, “if I don’t do it, I’ll never know what pooping in my pants feels like”. Instead of going in the house, I turned right and went into the garage, where my mom couldn’t look out the window and see me. I spread my legs and gave an easy push. I immediately reached the point of no return and poop exploded into my pants.  My first reactions were surprise and shock, followed by shame, then thrill and enjoyment.  I experienced all of those in a few seconds, which felt more like minutes.  As I stood there, I took in the warmth, the soft mushy feeling and the sudden weight which made my pants bulge and sag.

     Okay, I’d done it. I’d finally pooped in my pants and I now knew what it felt like, and I did enjoy the feelings it engendered in me. Now what? Well, I hadn’t thought past the actual act of pooping in my pants. I suppose, I’d somehow thought, I could just dump it out or something after I did it, but as I stood there feeling the soft mass now smeared across my bottom, I knew that was way beyond my capabilities at that age.  I could just go in the house and tell my mom, I’d had an accident, but I figured I’d get spanked no matter what. I decided I might as well put off the spanking as long as possible. Besides, I was enjoying the new feelings. I went out and back to playing with my army men.

    Of course, at some point in my play, I sat down. That was another whole new experience. Of course, after sitting in the dirt for a while, I was a total mess.  When my mom called me in for lunch I stood up. I felt something slide down my leg. I walked slowly towards in a manner which must have been similar to a condemned prisoner walking towards the execution chamber.

As soon As I went in my mom looked at me and asked, “Have you pooped in your pants”?

    Of course I gave my standard answer when I knew I was in trouble, “I don’t know”. But she already knew the answer, from the odiferous cloud which followed me in and from my heavily stained shorts. I was caught. We went straight to the bathroom where she helped me undress. The mess in my underpants had been forced up the back so far that my shirt was stained and poop was coming out around my legs.  It took a while, but she finally got me cleaned up enough to put me in the bath tub. Finally after a hot bath, I was clean enough to get my bottom spanked.  I was sent crying to my room, vowing that I’d never poop in my pants again, and I didn’t, at least not for a few weeks.

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