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Hope you are enjoying these, it is sort of therapy for me to write all this down.  Firstly it may seem like we are over the top, but here is a bit of history.  I knew curls for a couple of years before we started what I have written; we met at a church group, and both the product of a fairly strict middle class upbringing.  Her mum once said that of her 4 children curls was a bit of a prude.  Indeed she was known as Miss Goody goody 2 shoes, and also as the iceberg.  She had been out with a few boys and it did not last, no one got anywhere with her.  She broke up with one boyfriend (later to become a pastor) because he tried to put in his tongue during a kiss.  No one had ever got a hand up her skirt.


I didn’t try because we were just good friends, knowing each others parents and having been to each others places for a meal etc. Occasionally when we were out where no one knew us they mistook us for brother and sister, that is how we got on, later when my friendship developed to love and we were going out, we had already done the I’ll watch you; you watch me pee, like one would in a brother sister thing, well before we made love, and her for the first time.


Just after I posted story 2 she remarked on that picnic and asked if I remembered it, I said do I, walking around with your little wet blue shorts on leaving little puddles.  She said yes but it was the first part of the day. Remember she said…..

You picked me up and we had only gone half a mile from Mums and you stopped leaned over and slid off my panties saying that I was overdressed for a picnic.  Then we later on stopped at the convenience store, for some soda and lollies and a few nibbles, I would not get out of the car as I no panties on, and was wearing that short purple mini dress.  When I did get out I was red-faced with embarrassment and was terrified to walk into the store, you encouraged me and after a minute or 2 I thought , no one knows that I am naked under this, the old lady serving , the old guy buying his paper.  I found it thrilling, and still a bit terrifying.  Then later you stopped at the big old wooden bridge just before where we stopped for our picnic and we walked part way across the bridge.  You said you always wanted to pee off this bridge, you walked to the side, it being an old open sided thing, and you started to pee and I reached over and held it for you.  Then you said girls can do this too.  I thought why not I will just do a little puddle, but you moved me close to the edge and I was so nervous I couldn’t pee, you took my hands and held them and said close you eyes and relax, . I thought then that I would just do a little bit as I still felt nervous and embarrassed, but remember she said I started go giggle, and couldn’t stop laughing and I peed and peed everywhere, I could not stop peeing, it went everywhere, down both of my legs all over the front of my dress, in my shoes, over you.   

When I finished I was still laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes and you looked so, so  surprised, at what you’re little prude church going girl just did, and I felt amazing, I thought what if the boys who know me as the iceberg could see me now. Look how much fun I am having and no body would suspect it.


I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy putting this story down.  It is only many years later that I realise how fortunate I am.  I did not have a sexual partner that I tried to get interested in peeing etc.  I had a virgin girl who had already peed for me before she became my sexual partner.  We thought we were really an odd couple, as we had never heard of anything like this happening, and so to this date, 39 years later still told no one, joined no groups. We look very ordinary middle class, no tattoos, no body piercing, don’t even smoke, any substance.


Cheers leave a comment or a question; I hope this encourages others to relate their real life experiences as well, thanks for reading


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