Culry Poo 6

Curly Poo6


Living on a farm has advantages, the other morning I slipped a pair of stretchy shorts on my wife before she woke up and put a closed sign on the toilet door. A while later she was up when I was cooking breakfast, she did not say anything but after we finished breakfast she said I really have to go come outside. While we were walking around the garden she peed several times, and then said I really need to do more, I sat behind her as she pushed a poo into her shorts, they stretched and stuck out beautifully.  We walked around the garden  a bit more, then we lay down on the grass and made love
I said maybe you should where these out one day because when they are wet they do not look it. She looked at me and said, remember my little green pants?, I must have had a silly look on my face because she said, “ my little green training pants”

Back a lot of years, we were not long engaged and I had been talked into a walk around the gardens in the city. Picked her up mid Saturday morning and she was wearing a nice knitted top, a mid length skirt, like you would wear to work and rubber thongs, odd combination but so what.

On the way in she said could you get me a drink so a pulled in to the next petrol station and bought a small coke, brought it back to the car and she said I am really thirsty could you get me a bigger one. OK back get another drink when I got back to the car she had slipped off the blue skirt and was wearing one of the briefest pairs of shorts that I have ever seen. She said that is why the skirt, Mum would not have let me out of the house wearing just these. And that is all she was wearing nothing under them just the very brief low hipped stretchy shorts.

As we stared driving again she said “I forgot to pee before I left home and now I really have to go” then took several large sips of her drink. When we arrive at the parking lot there were only a few cars parked there. As she was standing beside the car she let out a little gasp and started to wet herself very slowly just enough to for a puddle, around her rubber thongs.

Nearby was a swing so she walked over and sat on that and asked for a push, and peed some as she was swinging back and forward. Off we went for a walk, the funny thing was the shorts did not look wet, you could feel the wetness on them though. She did one more pee, a small dribbly one and then we ran into friends, they had no idea; although the man of the couple was looking at my girl fairly closely. Someone suggested let’s have a coffee.

So we went off to an outdoor café and sat right out on the deck in those plastic wrap around chairs with the small hole in the base.

We had been there half an hour or so when our friends said good bye; I thought it strange that my girl did not get up to say bye. However, straight after they had left she said “can you see much”, she pointed down and there under the chair was a puddle, only the size of a small plate. She said she had been sitting there in the chair and had just been letting little quirts of pee go, so there was not much overall.

Left the café and walked out, looking at her backside the shorts were still did not look wet.

Back near the car she did a big flood and then put her skirt on, standing close to the car I pulled off her shorts with a very wet splash and we made very fast love with her sitting on my lap in the front seat. Quite a fun morning that I certainly was not expecting

Dropped her back home so she could get ready to go out that night, picked her up and we went for a dance and a few drinks, later that night parking in the car she said she wanted to do a poo, we got out and she had taken her jeans and panties off, I had a small crate in the back of the van so I got it out and threw a beach towel on it sat down to watch.  She started to squat straight away, I asked her do you want to stand there and do a wee.  She said no I just need to do a poo so I can relax, a bit more argument for and against  and she reluctantly agreed to stand there and do a wee, it was lovely, I said close your eyes she did and I started to pull her toward me sitting there rock hard, she tried to pull back and said don’t I really want to do a poo, I said relax, I pulled her on to me she straddled me I entered her easily and she said again I can’t relax till I have done my poo, I said, well do it.

I started to move her up and down and then I felt her pushing, a short while later she gave a gasp and I heard her poo fall and she got very slippery and more excited, she started pushing again and she did another poo and she got incredibly wet, I thought she had peed on me but it was sticky and slippery I have never seen so much pussy juice.  She was going absolutely wild we stood up and she bent over and I entered from behind, she was going crazy.  When it all finally stopped she looked a bit guilty but said that was amazing.  Don’t forget this was 1975, and we thought we were the only people in the world that did this, so to this day still have told no one. 

Anybody else like to poop with their partner while making love, let’s hear your story

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  1. There’s a reason why they say "one gets the shit fucked out of oneself."

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