Cross Country run (True)

Hi try again to upload this as first time it failed may be it was too long? So i will try and be breifer this time.Josh and i were on the dreaded annual cross country run running round Manor Park, when he turned round to me and said could we have a toilet break?

As i needed a piss i said ok, so we headed in to these bushes.I i pulled my shorts down and my briefs (tidy white, it was 1986!) and easy to pee this way and i started watering the ground, but Josh just stood there.I said i thought you wanted a toilet break? He looked sheepish at first then said yeagh but i gotta take a dump! I said what here? He said yeagh man not been for 2 days! He then said you got anything to wipe with.Yes i said and handed him a few tissues i had for my hayfever. iI then said i will leave you in peace, he said no stay here keep me company and see if anybody comes! I hesitated a bit and said ok.With that Josh had gone to the far corner and was pulling down his shorts followed by his breiefs exposing the 2 white globes of his arse cheeks! He then squatted down hanging his bum in front of me and i could quite clearly see his hole, he farted and we both laughed! I watched his hole slightly pucker as he let go another fart, then his hole suddenly seemed to dome out and i could see a brown thing emerging which i knew was his shit coming out.I realised to my horror! that far from been revolted i was turned on by this!! Josh was moaning and this thick brown smooth turd was hanging out of his bum, but still was coming out and made a crackling noise as it ozzed out.It hang from his bum for about 8 inches before dropping to the ground, it was full of corn! His hole far from remaining shut puckered again and another log emerged, Josh was moaning as this to exited his hole and landed on the ground.This opened the floodgates as his hole opened again and turd after turd oozed out his hole thud thud on to the floor, he was making a huge pile and it was beginning to smell a bit.His hole closed shut then he farted once more and the tail end of his dump now looser splattered on his dump.Josh said im done, i looked at his hole which was smeared in shit and watched as he wiped! The first 2 tissues were a shade of brown but by the 4th his hole was clean.He pulled up his briefs. but not before taking his cock out and peeing onto his shit.He then pulled up his shorts and said sorry about that!n Thanks for keeping watch and not watching.No problem i said and we went on our way.That night in the bathroom at home i was feeling horn y and imajinged Josh shitting, before long i was jettionsing my teenage spunk into the sink!!

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  1. Nice story. It’s these incidents in our early lives that stay with us and form our feelings

  2. if would have been better if he shit his pants.

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