Crime and Punishment – Part I

I have always enjoyed pooping in new white briefs for as long as I can remember.  I started as a teenager and have not stopped since.  Full rise white jockeys are my favorites – size 34s.     A number of years ago I lost a court case I was fighting and it cost me a lot of time and money but worse I was really pissed off that I lost it in the first place.  I mishandled things and should have won the case or at least had a much better outcome.   After the hearing I was livid with rage to put it mildly – in plain english – pissed off more than i ever had been before and in one of those moods where i wanted to really do something nasty.  I remembered how much i enjoyed shitting myself and thought of a way to “punish” myself for my misdeed that would be both pain and pleasure.


I went down to the mall and purchased 10 three pair packs of new whiite jockeys and opened them all up and stacked all 30 pairs flat one on top of another like a stack of napkins and put them away in the closet.  Then for the next several days I went on a diet of hot oatmeal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with lots of fruits and veggies to build up the fiber as much as possible.  My loads were turning into nice huge solid massive turds over the next several days and I had to shit more often than before due to the huge volume and the loads were really firm – not mushy.   Then I decided to hold my loads and set a time to have my bit of personal pain and pleasure when i would not be able to hold back the pressure any longer.


I got home and took off all my clothes and locked the house tight and shut the telephones off so I would have no distractions whatsoever.  I proceeded to take out of my closet the stack of white briefs and put them on the table.  I was crossing my legs now to hold back the load pressure and put on the first brief and then adjusted the waistband and leg openings so it fit perfectly and also made sure my raging cock was safely cradled in the “Y” pouch of the underpants.    By now I was in real pain so I bent over a little and reached inside the back of the brief with both hands and spread my butt cheeks apart and lowered the brief a little at the same time to allow for the maximum fill possible.   I then let go and started to push out a monster turd into the seat of the underpants that was so huge it amazed even me.  It took a lof of groaning and grunting but finally my bowel movement was over and the underpants cradled a really monster pile of pretty solid shit.   I pulled up the underpants and enjoyed the feeling of the fullness of the brief.   The bulge was huge but due to the firmness of the load no brown stain came through the white cotton to spoil the whiteness of the brief and none of the load spilled outside of the leg openings either.    I have always enjoyed sitting down on loads from time to time and enjoying the resultant “load spread” as the load squished itself either up your crotch and/or up your ass crack depending on the way you sit down and rock forwards or backwards.


Now the real fun was about to begin !!


I have enjoyed the look of the nice snow white “bulge” that a huge solid load makes in the seat of the underpants – that is a real turn on for me.   I have always not liked the ugly brown stain that a load may show if it pushes out through the cotton to the outside of the brief – that is really disgusting for me and I like to enjoy a “white” bulge only.   I only poop in white underpants – never colored ones – not sure why – just my thing I guess.  


So I had on the one original brief only cradling a huge load with some stain coming through to the outside.   I said to myself that this was unacceptable and that I could not have any stain showing from my loaded underpants at all.    I looked at the stack of remaining underpants – there were 29 left out of the the 30 as I had the original one already on. 


I put on the second pair, now leaving 28 on the table, and had to make sure it fit perfectly over the first.   I had to make sure that the first brief underneath was completely covered by the second one so that only one waistband was visible and that only one leg opening was visible and that the crotch and seat were all in the right position so that anyone looking would only think that I had on one brief with a snow white bulge and no ugly brown stain to reveal my sordid act.    Finally I got the brief to fit the way I wanted and looked in the mirror to see if the bulge was snow white or the stain and pushed through to the outside of the second brief.  Well, sure enough, the stain  did push through to the outside but only slightly so to reveal s small ugly brown area.   I felt that I was making at least a little progress in my punishment training.    I puton a third new brief over the first two in the same manner and smiled as it appeared that no more stain came through to the outside – only the white cotton bulge remained.    Now there were only 27 briefs remaining on the table.


But remembering how bad and stupid I was I said to myself that it is really not acceptable to have either a bulge or a stain showing from your underpants.    Therefore the only way to eliminate the bulge would be to sit down on it and achieve a good enough “load spread” frontwards and backwards to make the bulge disappear.   


How could I do this ???

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  1. love the story! would love to have seen you sit down in it!

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