Crazy evening in a hotel

So a few months ago me and lady friend of mine (from the old Experience Project days) met up and booked a hotel room for some naughty fun, we’d both been planning this over text for a few days so we we had both been holding for as long as possible for the meet. Absolute first thing we did because we were both bursting for a pee was hoped into the bath, she knelt down, wearing just a white tank top and her leggings, while I showered her with my warm piss, soaking her tank top which turned see through and outlining her breasts perfectly, towards the end of my stream when it was winding down she wrapped her lips around my cock to swallow the rest, bearing in mind at this point she is basically on the verge of pissing herself so we quickly lay out some towels on the bed and I lie down while she removed her drenched tank top and leggings (no panties on, clever) and we adopt the 69 position while it’s her turn to finally let go, so I’m frantically trying to lick her pussy and not drown, she must of been peeing for nearly a minute and a half, once she’s finished and I’m covered I have to tell her to stop stroking my cock because I’m nearly “too excited” at this point, so she stops while I get out from under her and I promptly start tonguing her asshole while she lets out a few cheeky farts until she decides she’s too close to shitting to keep on pushing for farts. Now we’ve met like this a handful of times and the biggest problem we encounter is once you’ve had your poop there’s no more, so we start to figure out what we want to do with it, pants poop and sex in messy panties? Poop on? Poop during sex? In the end we decided to go for pants pooping, while we masterbate each other, she she pulls on some panties she bought in her bag, asks me if I’m ready to go because she is, and agree basically if we get through the pants pooping without me blowing my load well fuck before we clean up. So we lay facing each other on the bed, my cocks pushed through the opening on my boxers and my hands just down her panties ready to rub her clit, and I can feel her tense for the push, she knows to do it slow to make it last, and I start hearing that oh so hot crackling sound as the shit starts to open up her asshole, then she stops pushing to let is slide out naturally, by this stage I’m rubbing her clit like mad and she’s groaning, stopping to tell me to “unload”, she’s stroking me slowly and asking me if it’s coming, and her eyes when she heard it come out was almost enough to send me over, she looked HORNY, her shit is still poking out her ass as well which feels nice and now my boxers are getting heavier and she’s starting to really grab my cock, in the heat of it we decide to just push hard and deal with it so we both squeeze as hard as we can and I can feel her panties shift with the weight, she’s reached a hand around me to feel my load coming out and suddenly she stops, blows one mother of a fart, shifts down the bed and starts sucking me off while I finish my movement and she finished me off with blowjob until I practically filled her mouth with cum, after that we stuck to pretty vanilla stuff because we were both empty but it was a super hot experience! (Also side note really miss the old experience project days!)

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  1. Holy shit! Great story. How did you meet? Would love to hear of the other times you’ve pooped your pants. Ever do it in public?

  2. There was a website years back called Experience project, tonne of fart poop and piss fetishists on there before it went down, we started speaking through that, found out we lived in the same country and wanted to explore the dirtiest fetishes together because, what were the chances of finding anyone on our doorsteps that would try it and the rest as they say is history, we tried a relationship for a while to begin with but other than these strange turn ons we weren’t really compatible so now we leave it to the odd hotel meet up when were both free and up for it. Never done anything major in public! I think the most public we got was at about 3am (so literally no-one around) she shit herself in the hotel carpark, there’s a few more stories I’ll get around to posting šŸ™‚

  3. Would love to hear your stories šŸ™‚
    I also met someone from my hometown on ExperienceProject. We met at a hotel room and shit ourselves in front of each other. She was gay, and I was straight, so there was nothing beyond just shitting ourselves and feeling each other’s messes.
    I lost contact with her once EP went down. Shame. Would’ve loved to have a friend into it.

  4. I too met a good friend fro Experience Project, we have maintained contact over the past 10 years and love going to motels where we do a 69 and shit in each others mouths. great story babe and would love to hear some more.

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