Crapping at Customs-Part 2

Ray stood staring at Greg, a sneer crossing his lips. After several of the standard questions Greg was beginning to squirm. “You got something to hide?” he asked leaning in closer. “Greg shook his head and ceased his squirming. The enormous dump was sitting like a lead weight, pressing on his asshole. His stomach hurt from the need to expel a weeks worth of gas and waste. “Tell me” Ray growled, “Why were you three fanning the air in the car with your hands when you drove up?”, Greg looked at him, “My friend Kent needed to use the toilet and farted unexpectedly. It smelled bad.”, “Or is it because you were trying to get rid of the smell of the dope I found-dope you had just smoked in the car?” “No, it wasn’t that, we don’t smoke that stuff.” Ray laughed, “Okay then, onto the next part of the examination. My fellow officer here will need to make a cavity search of your rectum. Please stand, take down your pants and underwear and lean over the examination table.” Greg’s eyes widened, “I need to use the men’s room first. I haven’t been in days” Ray glared back, “That is what all drug smugglers say, stand up!” The hulking rubber gloved agent neared as Greg undid his belt and dropped his pants and underwear, leaning slowly onto the table. “If you take a few deep breaths it will hurt less” Ray offered, as the other agent prepared to enter Greg’s rectum. It was pressure at first, pressure fighting to get in against the pressure of the load fighting to get out, Greg’s hole was clamped shut. The other officer applied pressure to the anus muscle with his thick finger. “Pretend like you are going to do number two now”, he said applying more pressure. Greg bared down, afraid of releasing his load in the officer’s face and then he felt the thick fingered invasion enter him. It was terrifying and foreign, humiliating and shameful. He felt a pfft of gas leave around the man’s finger, the stench undeniable. Deeper and deeper the officer went, the pain was excruciating. Greg whimpered a bit trying to breath. He felt the finger pushing into his log, effectively pushing it back up inside him. He winced and saw stars. “Pretty dense matter up here”, the hulk said, definitely something not right, it is too firm to be just excrement” Ray snapped on a glove and knelt beside his fellow officer, “Let me have a feel” The excruciating pain of the first finger was nothing compare with the addition of a second. Greg could feel the load crammed up into him, he farted out another hiss of gas as the two fingers prodded around his rectum. Greg closed his eyes, nearly passing out from the discomfort. With two painful yanks the fingers were pulled out without care or ease. “Pull your pants up. You will stay in the other room until your ready to give us the goods.”

Greg’s eyes were red by the time he was escorted back to the other room. The shame and humiliation, the violation had caused his tears. His asshole throbbed and it was painful to sit. The other three were put through the same routine, prodded, poked, each having those fingers dig through their huge manly logs built up over the week, hard and dry and masquerading as drugs. The officers gloves were smeared with shit after the fourth had done up his pants. The exam room was heavy with flatulence. The last of the four was escorted back to the other room and they were instructed to remain silent. The room had a monitor in it and any conversation heard would be recorded. “We need to take apart the vehicle. In the meantime you will be kept in this room until whatever you are hiding is ready to be expelled.” Jeff looked up, “Excuse me officer, could we please get some water, it is very hot in here” Ray smiled, “Of course you can.” A few minutes later Ray returned with four plastic cups of the requested water, a sneer on his lips. The men drank back the water gratefully and slumped in their chairs. The need to shit had now escaped them all. Their waste had all been compacted back up inside of them away from the nerve endings in their rectums that would trigger a need to evacuate. It would be a long wait.

The hulk locked the door leaving the four alone in silence. He grabbed a plastic cup and poured out the water from the glass pitcher Ray had filled and drank it back, and then another. Ray called, “Get the tools we need to start on the car” and then the two headed out to begin dismantling the interior of the vehicle. Inside the room the four remained silent, every once in while a soft fart or crack of wind against the wooden chairs could be heard as slowly but surely their loads began to make their migration south to sunlight once again. The sun was low on the horizon by the time the next car stopped at the crossing. A family, heading back to Canada. The hulk handled it in a friendly manner and then went to check on the four. He opened the door and the smell nearly knocked him back. It was a mix of man stink, old farts and dirty socks. They all had their shoes off and were slumped asleep in their chairs.

“Wake up” the officer shouted, “Has someone filled their shorts? It smells like one of you has filled their pants – stand up” The four groggily stood up, as the officer proceeded to pat each of them from behind between their legs looking for signs of a dislodged load in their shorts. Ray entered the room and grunted at the stench. He held out four zip locks and instructed the other officer the zip lock their pants together so they would be impossible to remove until it was time for them to give up their loads. “We can’t have you getting rid of the evidence.” The four looked at each other, clearly aware that they were not dealing with someone who was all there. There is a buzzer her in the corner. When it feels like one of you need to use the toilet, buzz us and we will escort you. We need to see it happen so we can examine what you have up inside of you” With their pants secured closed the two officers left, locking the door returning to the car for further investigation.

Sometime later it was agreed to by both officers that would need to close the border at the designated time and stay in the bunkhouse provided in the case of such events. Ray would stay up and allow his fellow officer to bunk down for a few hours. As the hulk prepared to sleep he got a sudden cramp in his gut and felt a whooshing down to his anus. It was a powerful, sudden sensation feeling as though he might at any minute mess himself. He made it to the toilet and exploded, a days worth of waste emptying into the toilet. Feeling better, he ate the rest of his lunch before heading to bed and followed it with 2 more glasses of water. His stomach had calmed now and he shut out the lights, letting one more fart go.

In the other room, the four were passed out, exhausted, afraid, shamed, their tender assholes numb, the nerve endings shut down,, at least for the moment. Every now and again, someone would fart and groan, sometimes a sharp brap or sometimes a gentle pffffttttt. It became midnight. Ray sat waiting for the first of them to cave. He looked through a small two way window in the room, the lights still on, the guilty lying on the floor. He eyed the nearly empty water jug and smiled, Nope, it wouldn’t be long now…

To be continued…

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