Cousin’s accident

So I was with my cousin one day. He is 2 years younger than me. We were both in a tram. He started to be kind of nervous. I asked him if everything was okay and he said yes. When we got off from tram to his house he started to go very fast. Then he told me he had to go poop very badly. When we’ve got to his home, no one was inside and he hadn’t got key. At this point, he was sweating. As I guess he wouldn’t even move, because it would ended very badly for him. However, not long after he let wet fart and he felt ebarrased because of it. He was shaking so bad. About half minute later, it has happened. He exploded, and I mean EXPLODED with diarrhea and was pooping continously for about 10 seconds! He nearly started crying, I felt bad for him (now he makes fun of it). There was no other way, so we were going about 400 metres to my house, when he felt second wave. Of course he didn’t make it to my bathroom, but it didn’t mind though. His whole back was covered in diarrhea, legs, shoes, even stomach. He cleaned up, which took about an hour. No one was in my home and he begged me to tell about it anybody. I gave him new clothes and he went back.

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  1. Very nice, did you at least help him clean up or were you just shocked and awed at the same time ? I know it’s rough to think back. Story is good !!! Keep it going !!!

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