County Fair Lacks Enough Port-a-Potties, As I Found Out!

A couple of years ago I saw a neat photo of an Hispanic guy, in fairly tight jeans and a windbreaker, holding his penis through the denim. It was the typical way a guy looks when he has to pee bad and is so desperate that he is “holding himself.” He is trying to look away, not to give anyone else eye contact, trying to look like nothing is going on!

Behind him was another guy, trying to look nonchalant, too, but he didn’t have to go as bad as I guess his friend was, in front of him; he had his hand quite near his crotch. He occasionally would grab his cock, then after a minute or so, let go of it, but not for long. Can you imagine that, two fairly handsome guys, tall, with tight faded jeans, presumably friends, who both had to pee bad?

The line at the port-a-potties was rather long….For the three that were located at the edge of the fairgrounds, I noticed maybe 10 people in line. If each of the people took 5 minutes in the john, that was 15 minutes waiting, and I could tell that 15 minutes was too long for several of the guys, including these two I saw at the end of the line.

Believe it or not, a security guard was posted nearby, making sure that people didn’t run around behind the port-a-potties, unzip their jeans jeans, and pee in the bushes! Or worse.

These lines are interesting to watch, of course from a discrete distance. I like to see a guy desperate to pee, while wearing, preferably tight and/or faded jeans. What’s especially fun is seeing the inexperienced young guy who tries to just let out a little, “to relieve the pressure.” He’s wearing tight jeans, tight enough that you can see the outline of his jeans pockets, and maybe even see if he is going commando and see whether he is “cut”; when they start out, they don’t think about what would happen if they had to pee and no toilet was available. It’s very hard to just let out a little! Usually a lot comes out before he can stop the flow, and by then enough “damage” is done that anyone can see he’s pissed his pants! So does he stay in line, or give up and walk away from the line, peeing as he tries to avoid as many people as possible?

I found a picture on line that could have been me: I like to wear tight faded jeans like the guy in the picture. The full picture shows that he is by a road, so probably got out of a car to try to pee in the woods, but didn’t make it that far! At least his friend had enough smarts to take some neat iPhone pix of his friend totally soaking his jeans! You can see that his cock was pointing up, to his right, so the jeans were wet from the belt loops downward. Most of the pee ended up running down his right leg, but enough was pouring out that the left leg got quite a bit, too. And the pee marks went down to the end of his jeans, and pee was soaking his white sneakers and short sox, too. I guess the guy waited a couple of minutes to see if any more came out, then went back to the car to find something to sit on for the rest of the ride home, so he wouldn’t soak the seat of his friend’s car! (For someone who had to go that bad, in another 10 minutes he was going to need to go again, guaranteed!)

I may stop by the fairgrounds tomorrow, when I am wearing some tight black levis and have had a couple of gallons of water in my system for awhile!

Dave in Falls Church, Virginia

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