Country walk

This is a story that happened to me last Friday.  I met a friend who I hadn’t seen for a long time and we went out to lunch.  On the way home as we walked along a country path I got cramps and really knew then I wasn’t going to make it.  My friend David asked if I was ok and I said I had to get to a toilet.  He seemed a bit excited about this and said he also needed to go.  Anyway 10minutes from home we both agreed it was useless to fight it so we hid in some bushes and kissed each other while holding each others bum.  An explosive fart ripped open the silence and I felt a really wet poop filling my pants.  At the same time David let go as well but his poop was slightly firmer and bulged nicely in his jeans.  We then decided to sit a while on the grass and as we did our poop squished nicely over our cock and balls.  This of course left us enormously horny and we ended up blowing each other off.  What a mess we were in by the time we got home, but it was worth it as we showered together.  We hope to do this again soon.

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