country boys part 1

“boy wake up its time to do your chores” I sighed as I woke up I stretched as my feet touched the foot of my bed my slim build getting of the bed I jumped out of bed then got pants and a shirt on then went down stairs my ma was cooking some breakfast when my brother came down as well he looked about sixteen and didn’t age to fast while myself looked to be around eighteen mama says people don’t say there age. Any ways I usually go to the bathroom the Jamie dose but this morning I didn’t go I ate breakfast with Jamie and we went out to feed the cows at around twelve we went into the barn to relax and eat our lunches as we did Jamie said “ tom I need to use the outhouse” I thought on this for a moment and said “ well you’re gonna have to hold it we gotta fix the fence and the chicken coop before then” he just sighed and continued eating after we had finished eating we went to work on the fence I felt my bladder and my bowel start to show signs of the need to go and it was obvious Jamie had to as well. I felt a little gas need to go and naturally I let it pass a long and loud ffffffffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttt. Came out of my butt Jamie laughed I felt fine now about an hour latter Jamie was kinda desperate and I needed to go badly “ tommy I about to go in my pants please I need to go” “ deal with it “ I answered although I was fighting back my own urges as well we started working on the chicken coop and found more wrong with it rather than less we started patching it up I heard Jamie sigh along with a loud fart finally about thirty minutes later we were done we ran for the outhouse we reached it both of us had our hands on our butts I reached for the door and it wouldn’t open I looked and it was locked “ I-I can’t hold it anymore” Jamie whined I watched as his squatted down he started grunting I watched as the back of his pants started to buldge out in the seat he grunted hard and pushed a lot of it out the smell was instantly there as he finished messing his drawers he stood up and sighed I saw a wet spot form and spread on his long johns there was a large puddle by his feet when he was done he spoke “ now you” I didn’t want to go and I replied “ naw I aint not pants wettin child like you” “ oh really” he replied next thing I know he pushed me on the ground and started tickling me I started laughing uncontrollably I also felt my bowels about to give out “ stop I’m gonna crap myself “ I pleaded he just laughed and said “ good” then it happened I fet my mess push out of me it slowly made itself a home in my drawers it came out slowly and squished into the seat of my pants and went all over my ass I crapped for around five minutes and when I was done it looked like I had a damn basketball in my pants . I just sighed as my bladder emptied I felt the warm wetness spread all over me I was finished in seconds “ Jamie tommy time for supper our mom called “ what are we going to do “ Jamie cried
To be continued

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