Couldn’t stay away from the poop

This happened to me several years ago, when I still felt ashamed of my love of poop and pee somewhat.

I was living in a basement, with the whole floor to myself and a utility sink down there. It wasn’t as good as a shower but it worked well enough to clean up a poopy mess.

I had eaten quite a lot, earlier in the day. I was hoping for a huge poop. I got into my customary pooping clothes; a loose t shirt, tight briefs and some thick pajama pants.

Everyone else in the house had finally gone to sleep, so it was time to dump in my pants and play.

I was relaxing, watching some tv and felt my butt was ready. I squatted down like a baby and started to push out a big pile of hard poop. Hard poop is my favorite.

Some high pitched facts came out of my butt as I made a naughty warm pile in my pants. I got so excited with the size big stinker nestled under my butt, my front bulge grew and grew.

Smelling the wonderful poop and pressing the warm poopy against my butt was just too much for me, and I came a sticky load in my pajamas in about 2 minutes.

I took the poopy bottoms off and cleaned up in the sink. I felt so relaxed but also bad about being so dirty. I thought to myself, “I’ll stay clean the rest of the night now, I gotta be good!”

But less than an hour later, I got a lot of gas. The big farts were turning me on. And I thought about that awesome poop I made earlier. I had just taken the poopy pants off and left them by the utility sink.. The poopy was still there, waiting for me to play with it…

I couldn’t resist. I quickly went back to the stinky pants, and put them on. My load has gotten cold by now but I didn’t care. It was still nice and stinky. I pulled up my pants all the way and felt the big cold poop against my butt.

Mmm this is how pants should always feel, I thought.

I got down on all fours and started pushing a bit. I was pretty gassy, and started to fart a lot. I pushed my poop up, covering my butt and farted really hard. My poop muffled the fart but then I kept pushing and felt some fresh, hot poop come out. I was so happy I had more poop!

I went over to my couch and bounced up and down on my stinky pile to I shot another sticky load into my pants. I was so pleased with my myself. I ruined my cum all over my crotch while it was still warm.

Then I did a big pee in my pants and enjoyed the slow gush of all the warm piss in my pants. I felt my load get squishing from the pee. And slept like a baby in my filthy pajamas

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